Automotive Panels: Baosteel's Five-Star Solution

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Baosteel's Electro-galvanized zinc steel, pivotal in their SMARTeX EV total solution, played a vital role in VinFast's automotive panels. Meeting VinFast's urgent demand, Baosteel Singapore Hanoi Representative Office showcased exemplary 'Customer-centricity', coordinating production efficiently. The proactive approach led to the successful early delivery, earning VinFast's esteemed 'five-star satisfaction' accolade for exceptional quality.


Baosteel's Electro-galvanized (EG) zinc steel stands as a cornerstone material within their acclaimed SMARTeX EV total solution and esteemed BaoTex® brand, renowned for its meticulous production process and stringent surface quality standards. The significance of this material resonates profoundly in the automotive industry, directly impacting a vehicle's overall appearance.

VinFast's urgent requisition for EG outer panels prompted swift action from Baosteel's Singapore Hanoi Representative Office, which adhered rigorously to a 'Customer-centric' ethos. Their proactive coordination of production capacities, coupled with daily confirmation of delivery schedules, culminated in the early completion and delivery of the panels as per VinFast's exigent request.

This concerted effort to meet VinFast's urgent demands was not just about timely delivery but also a testament to Baosteel's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. VinFast's glowing appraisal of 'five-star satisfaction' underscored the exceptional quality and prompt delivery of the EG outer panels.

The successful collaboration between Baosteel and VinFast exemplifies the importance of customer-centric strategies in the manufacturing landscape. Baosteel's proactive approach not only met but surpassed the expectations, ensuring the quality and timeliness of product delivery.

VinFast's accolade of 'five-star satisfaction' not only validates the exceptional quality of Baosteel's EG zinc steel but also heralds the triumph of a customer-centric ethos. It stands as a testament to the efficacy of customer-focused principles in fostering enduring and fruitful partnerships within the automotive industry.


Baosteel's proactive response to VinFast's urgent demand for Electro-galvanized zinc steel for automotive panels exemplifies their commitment to customer-centricity. The timely and superior delivery of the EG outer panels not only showcases Baosteel's manufacturing prowess but also solidifies the invaluable relationship between quality, promptness, and customer satisfaction.

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