Baowu & Chery: Green Steel Collaboration Pact

Baowu Steel and Chery Holdings ink a "Memorandum for Green Low-Carbon Steel Supply Chain," fostering eco-friendly steel
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Baowu Steel and Chery Holdings ink a "Memorandum for Green Low-Carbon Steel Supply Chain," fostering eco-friendly steel production collaboration. The memorandum aligns with sustainable goals, emphasizing environmental consciousness in the steel industry.



In a bid to amplify eco-friendly practices within the steel industry, Baowu Steel and Chery Holdings have formalized a collaborative agreement titled "Memorandum for Green Low-Carbon Steel Supply Chain." This alliance seeks to advance sustainable practices and minimize the carbon footprint in steel manufacturing.

The memorandum underscores a pivotal commitment to environmental responsibility. Baowu Steel, renowned for its extensive steel production, and Chery Holdings, a significant automotive player, aim to revolutionize the steel supply chain by integrating low-carbon practices.

The agreement emphasizes a green and sustainable approach in every facet of the steel supply chain. Both entities are poised to incorporate advanced technologies and operational methodologies to achieve reduced environmental impact.

This collaboration signals a milestone in the steel industry's journey toward eco-consciousness. Baowu Steel and Chery Holdings join forces to pioneer a new era, laying the foundation for sustainable steel production practices that resonate with global environmental objectives.

Both companies express enthusiasm and dedication to leveraging their expertise and resources for a joint vision. By combining forces, they aim to revolutionize traditional steel production practices and champion a more environmentally friendly approach.


Baowu Steel and Chery Holdings' collaboration signifies a proactive step towards sustainable steel production. The memorandum underscores their shared commitment to forging an eco-friendly, low-carbon steel supply chain, setting a precedent for environmentally conscious practices in the industry.

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