Baowu: Green Finance Empowers 'Double Carbon' Strategy

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Baowu's Green Carbon Fund successfully concludes a 10 billion yuan subscription, fortifying the 'double carbon' strategy with green finance. This milestone signifies a substantial step toward implementing green investment concepts, aiding high-quality industrial ecosystem development amidst market challenges.


The Baowu Green Carbon Fund recently closed its fund subscription at over 10 billion yuan, completing the paid-in process along with nearly 3 billion yuan in low-carbon equity investments. This accomplishment marks Equity's successful fulfillment as the manager of Baowu Carbon Neutral Equity Investment Fund, endorsing their commitment to green and low-carbon investment principles.

Established in December 2021 as part of Baowu Carbon Neutrality Fund, Baowu Green Carbon Fund's inception aimed to promote low-carbon transformation through green finance, despite the domestic fund industry's challenging market environment. Leveraging Baowu's industry influence and partnerships with entities like CCB Investment and National Green Fund, Huabao Equity overcame hurdles, securing subscriptions for the 10 billion yuan scale.

In terms of investments, Huabao Equity concentrated on green technology, clean energy, and environmental protection. Collaborating closely with Baowu's industrial companies, the fund directed its efforts towards central state-owned enterprise reforms, aligning with Baowu's industrial goals and promoting carbon neutrality. Presently, the fund has made investment decisions for multiple projects, both internal and external to Baowu.

Regarding management, Huabao Equity developed a post-investment management system and comprehensive risk prevention mechanisms, ensuring efficient fund operation. Despite complexities in fund structure, they established operational systems to facilitate smooth fund functioning.

In 2024, Huabao Equity aims to continue their 'Four Haves' operational guidelines, emphasizing high-quality investments and stringent risk management. Their commitment to market-oriented operations and capacity enhancement seeks to further contribute to Baowu's industrial chain development.


Baowu's Green Carbon Fund's successful closure of a 10 billion yuan subscription highlights their dedication to green finance and low-carbon investment. Huabao Equity, as the fund manager, ensures strategic investments in sectors aligned with Baowu's goals. Looking ahead, their focus remains on high-quality investments, stringent risk control, and bolstering Baowu's industrial chain in 2024.

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