Baowu Resources: Bomi Project Operational

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Baowu Resources' Bomi project in Liberia achieved fruition as the "Anchang" sailed with 46,000 metric tons of iron ore from Monrovia to China. The successful shipment signals the completion and activation of Baowu's venture in West Africa, marking a milestone in their iron ore operations.


Baowu Resources reached a significant milestone as the "Anchang" departed Freeport BMC Terminal in Monrovia, Liberia, carrying 46,000 metric tons of iron ore bound for China. This successful shipment symbolizes the culmination and activation of the Bomi project, positioned in Liberia, West Africa, under the auspices of Baowu Resources.

The venture’s fruition highlights Baowu's commitment to expanding its iron ore operations in strategic locations. The loading and dispatch of the bulk carrier denote the operational readiness and successful commissioning of the Bomi project.

The departure of "Anchang" from Monrovia signifies a pivotal moment for Baowu Resources in West Africa, showcasing the project’s completion and transition to operational status. The iron ore cargo's anticipated arrival in China, scheduled for February 2024, marks the tangible output of Baowu's investments and efforts in Liberia.

Baowu Resources, a key player in the global mining industry, strategically engages in various mining projects worldwide. The successful launch of the Bomi project reinforces their commitment to expanding and diversifying their operational footprint.

The commencement of shipments from Monrovia reflects Baowu's aim to capitalize on Liberia's mineral-rich landscape, enhancing their global presence and contributing to the iron ore supply chain.


Baowu Resources' successful shipping of 46,000 metric tons of iron ore from Liberia’s Freeport BMC Terminal stands as a testament to the completion and operational launch of the Bomi project. This accomplishment reaffirms Baowu's dedication to global expansion and signifies a significant milestone in their strategic iron ore initiatives.

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