Baowu & Rio Tinto: Metal Industry's COP28 Climate Endeavor

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China Baowu, Rio Tinto, and Tsinghua University convened a COP28 side event addressing the "Transition of Metal Industry towards Carbon Neutrality" at Dubai's Expo City on December 8. Baowu advocated for global climate action, fostering discussions on low-carbon steel transformation and combatting climate challenges within the industry.


In a significant collaborative effort, China Baowu, Rio Tinto Group, and Tsinghua University orchestrated a pivotal side event during COP28 in Dubai, emphasizing the crucial transition of the metal industry towards achieving carbon neutrality. With the theme centered on "Transition of Metal Industry towards Carbon Neutrality," the event aimed to propel discussions and solutions concerning the industry's low-carbon transformation amidst global climate change challenges.

At the event, Baowu's representative delivered a poignant speech, advocating a united front in addressing the global climate crisis while actively promoting sustainable, eco-friendly transformations within the steel sector. This provided an international platform, fostering high-level exchanges to strategize and pave the way for low-carbon advancements in the steel industry.

The symposium served as a focal point for crucial dialogues, allowing industry leaders, academics, and experts to converge and deliberate on innovative pathways towards a more environmentally conscious and sustainable metal industry. Discussions revolved around the challenges faced in steering the sector towards carbon neutrality and exploring pragmatic solutions to counter these obstacles.

Baowu's emphasis on collaboration and a collective approach to tackle climate challenges echoes the growing urgency within the industry to adopt eco-friendly practices. This commitment resonates strongly with global initiatives aimed at curbing carbon emissions and embracing sustainable methodologies across metal manufacturing processes.

The event not only highlighted the steel industry's intent to pivot towards greener practices but also underlined the significance of concerted efforts and knowledge exchange in propelling this vital transformation. The commitment to addressing global climate concerns within the metal sector signifies a collective responsibility and a pivotal step towards a sustainable future.


The collaboration between China Baowu, Rio Tinto, and Tsinghua University during COP28 in Dubai represents a concerted effort to steer the metal industry towards carbon neutrality. This event underscored the imperative for global dialogue and unified action, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for the steel sector.

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