Baowu's Hydrogen-Ready DRI Triumph

Green DRI
Green DRIImage Source: Baowu


Baowu Group hits a significant milestone with its one-million-ton hydrogen-ready Direct Reduced Iron facility at Baosteel Zhanjiang in China. Achieving this feat within two years of the contract with Tenova, using the innovative ENERGIRON® ZR technology, cements Baowu's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, signaling a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable steel production.



Baowu Group, a prominent steel entity, proudly announces a monumental achievement at Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. in Guangdong Province, China, launching its pioneering one-million-ton hydrogen-ready Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) reactor. This remarkable success, realized in less than two years following the contract signing with Tenova, stands as a testament to Baowu's relentless pursuit of sustainable steel production.

This breakthrough is a testament to the robust partnership between Baowu Group and Tenova, showcasing Baowu's commitment to leveraging innovative green technologies in its quest for carbon neutrality by 2050. The facility houses the cutting-edge ENERGIRON® ZR technology, a collaborative endeavor between Tenova and Danieli, revolutionizing steel production by utilizing natural gas enriched with hydrogen.

Stefano Maggiolino, Tenova HYL President & CEO, emphasized the significance of this achievement, highlighting the company's technical prowess and dedication to advancing sustainable steel manufacturing. This success not only elevates Tenova but also resonates as a landmark step towards a more eco-conscious future in the steel industry.

The successful production of the inaugural DRI within such a short span underscores the amalgamation of technical expertise and a commitment to sustainable steel production. This momentous achievement signifies a win for both Tenova and its clients, propelling the industry towards a more environmentally sustainable steel production process.

The Baowu-Tenova collaboration highlights the industry's increasing reliance on pioneering technologies like ENERGIRON®, marking a paradigm shift towards greener, hydrogen-based steel production methods.


Baowu's accomplishment in operationalizing the one-million-ton hydrogen-ready DRI reactor stands as an illustrious testament to the prowess of collaboration between industry giants like Baowu Group and Tenova. This milestone not only underscores Baowu's dedication to carbon neutrality by 2050 but also symbolizes a monumental leap towards sustainable steel production, reshaping the narrative of eco-conscious practices in the steel industry.

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