Beckers & ArcelorMittal: Pioneering EB Curing for Coil Coating

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Global coil coatings leader Beckers collaborates with steel giant ArcelorMittal to pioneer the first commercial electron-beam cured paint formulations for the coil coating industry. This groundbreaking technology, building on 18 years of Beckers' innovation, promises significant CO2 and VOC reduction, doubling surface coverage per kilogram of paint. The European Coil Coating Association hails Radcure as a gamechanger in decarbonizing the industry. Beckers and ArcelorMittal's joint ambition aims to replace solvent-based systems, reducing emissions, energy consumption, and waste while enhancing productivity.



In a groundbreaking collaboration, Beckers, a global leader in coil coatings, and ArcelorMittal, the leading steel manufacturer, have forged a pioneering path in the coil coating industry. The partners are set to revolutionize the sector with the development of the first-ever commercial paint formulations utilizing electron-beam (EB) curing technology.

This technological breakthrough, a culmination of Beckers' 18 years of pioneering work, holds the promise of transformative benefits for the industry. Notably, it has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), marking a pivotal step towards environmental sustainability. Additionally, the innovation boasts the efficiency of providing up to twice the surface coverage per kilogram of paint, a metric that could reshape industry standards.

The European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) recognizes the Radcure technology as a monumental gamechanger, particularly in the decarbonization efforts within the coil coating sector. This collaboration between Beckers and ArcelorMittal signals a strategic move towards sustainability and aligns with the ambitious environmental goals set by both companies.

The focus of this collaborative effort is to implement EB curing technology for pre-painted steels in the building and construction segment. The ambition extends to replacing solvent-borne paint systems with solvent-free coatings, aiming for a more sustainable approach in producing pre-painted steels for building envelopes. This shift not only reduces CO2 and VOC emissions but also minimizes energy consumption, as EB curing eliminates the need for natural gas and cooling water.

A key development in this journey is the conversion of Coil Coating Line #3 at ArcelorMittal Construction in Contrisson, France. This transformation, initiated in early 2023 as part of a pilot project, signifies the practical application of the EB curing technology. Beckers formulated a specialized paint for the pilot, matching the performance levels of solvent-borne products, while ArcelorMittal devised proprietary application and curing technology to meet high-speed strip coating requirements.

The successful scaling up of this technology from laboratory to industrial production in a short timeframe is attributed to the long-term partnership between Beckers and ArcelorMittal. The first coils produced from this initiative have already been utilized in creating sandwich panels for a pilot building, marking a tangible outcome of the collaboration.

Beckers, committed to sustainability, has conducted a peer-reviewed life cycle analysis (LCA) study revealing that a full transition from current solvent-borne coil coating to UV/EB-cured systems can potentially reduce the carbon footprint by up to 50 percent. The company is making substantial investments in advancing UV/EB curing technology, aiming for widespread adoption within the industry. As part of this commitment, Beckers is constructing a 300 m2 Sustainable Innovation Centre in Liverpool, housing the UV/EB development center and long-term sustainable R&D technologies.

This collaborative journey between Beckers and ArcelorMittal represents a paradigm shift in the coil coating industry, emphasizing the importance of innovation, sustainability, and collective efforts in driving positive environmental change.


Beckers and ArcelorMittal's joint venture in pioneering EB curing for coil coating emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. The successful implementation of Radcure technology not only promises environmental benefits in terms of reduced emissions and increased efficiency but also sets a new standard for the industry. This collaborative effort signifies a transformative leap towards a more sustainable future in coil coating, echoing the commitment of both companies to environmental stewardship.


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