Bekaert's Hydrogen Odyssey: Greening Tomorrow's Energyscape

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Bekaert, a stalwart in energy evolution, commits $5 million to Ionomr Innovations, Vancouver, for groundbreaking advancements in electrolyzer technology. Backed by industry titans, Bekaert fortifies Ionomr's R&D in Rochester, propelling the green hydrogen frontier. With Bekaert's leadership in porous transport layers, epitomized by Currento®, and Ionomr's vision, they envision a hydrogenic future, catalyzing global decarbonization.


In a bold stride towards a greener tomorrow, Bekaert charts a strategic course in December 2023, aligning with the energy metamorphosis and the global shift towards decarbonization. The narrative unfolds with Bekaert's resolute commitment, injecting $5 million into Ionomr Innovations, a trailblazer in protonic and anionic exchange membranes within electrolyzers, based in Vancouver, Canada.

The collaboration between Bekaert and Ionomr signifies a meticulous weaving of innovation, primarily focusing on AEM electrolyzer constituents. Ionomr's mantle, backed by industry giants like Shell, Chevron, and Samsung, receives further reinforcement from Bekaert's infusion. This investment becomes the bulwark fortifying Ionomr's research and development prowess, nestled in Rochester, US, fostering both research endeavors and production capacity expansion to meet the demands of Ionomr's clientele.

Bekaert, firmly established in technological ascendancy, gains prominence in the realm of porous transport layers for both PEM and AEM electrolyzers, known as Currento®. The company's portfolio is adorned with investments directed at shaping future iterations of innovative solutions, aimed at orchestrating large-scale green hydrogen production facilities scaling up to multiple GW capacities.

Bill Haberlin, the luminary steering Ionomr Innovations, expresses gratitude for Bekaert's strategic patronage. He envisions a future where the green hydrogen economy becomes an affordable reality, a journey marked by profound advancements in hydrogenic material evolution.

Inge Schildermans, Bekaert's Senior Vice President for Energy Transition, emphasizes their unwavering dedication to crafting green, sustainable solutions. Their focus lies in enhancing the performance metrics of crucial electrolysis constituents, heralding an era of accelerated innovation and a magnified scale-up of avant-garde solutions within their ecosystem.


As Bekaert and Ionomr forge a visionary path in December 2023, the synergy between their expertise promises to reshape the global hydrogen landscape. With Bekaert's strategic infusion, Ionomr's pioneering advancements, and the collective dedication to green hydrogen, the future unfolds as a canvas painted with sustainable solutions, poised to turn the aspirations of a global hydrogen economy into an imminent and tangible reality.

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