Bekaert's Tire Revolution: Certified Recycled Steel Delivery

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Bekaert introduces tire reinforcement with third-party certified recycled steel content, marking a milestone in sustainable manufacturing. The use of high recycled content reduces the CO2 footprint by 50%, setting a new standard in the industry and meeting rising market demands.


In a significant stride towards a sustainable future, Bekaert, an advocate for circular economy practices, champions the tire reinforcement sector by introducing high recycled content, significantly slashing the CO2 footprint by approximately 50%.

An instrumental achievement on its sustainability trajectory, Bekaert proudly announces the acquisition of its inaugural third-party certificates affirming its tire reinforcement embedded with high recycled steel content. This certification not only meets escalating customer and market requisites but also addresses a crucial industry challenge.

Heiko Isselee, Innovation Platform Manager for Recycled Steel at Bekaert, emphasizes the significance of this certification, ensuring compliance with recognized industry standards. It assures customers of the authenticity of recycled content claims in Bekaert products, empowering them to confidently include these in their tire's recycled content tally.

Bekaert's definition of recycled content adheres to stringent third-party guidelines, ensuring traceability and incorporating a minimum recycled content of 50% for tire cord and 70% for bead wire. Stringent processes at the wire rod supplier's factory and Bekaert's steel cord plant enable meticulous tracking of content throughout production, storage, and transportation, guaranteeing the declared recycled steel's presence in the final product.

The initial consignments of third-party certified recycled steel have been successfully delivered to esteemed customer Bridgestone Corporation. This pilot project signals a pioneering step towards establishing a new industry benchmark for recycled content in tire reinforcement, intending to globally provide certified high recycled content tire reinforcement to customers.


Bekaert's accomplishment in delivering third-party certified recycled steel for tire reinforcement epitomizes its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. This breakthrough sets a robust precedent in the tire industry, fostering a new standard in recycled content and reinforcing the company's dedication to advancing global sustainability efforts.

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