BENTELER's CliMore Tubes Revolutionize Green Steel



BENTELER's inaugural delivery of CO₂-reduced hydraulic line tubes marks a significant stride towards sustainability. These tubes, forming part of the CliMore brand, represent a joint commitment to combat climate change and offer impeccable performance for hydraulic applications in heavy machinery. The CliMore range classifies steel products into three sustainability levels, emphasizing reduced emissions through innovative production methods. In a historic move, BENTELER Steel/Tube delivered the first batch of CO₂-reduced hydraulic line tubes to Van Leeuwen's Duisburg plant. This delivery signifies a promising partnership after both companies signed a joint agreement to procure more green steel products.


BENTELER Steel/Tube's recent delivery of CO₂ reduced hydraulic line tubes to Van Leeuwen's plant in Duisburg heralds a new era in sustainable steel production. The collaboration signifies a remarkable commitment to combatting climate change while catering to evolving ecological demands.

Ralph Mathis, BENTELER Steel/Tube's CSO, expressed immense satisfaction at the collaborative agreement, emphasizing the CliMore brand's pivotal role in aiding customers amidst the global challenge of decarbonizing industries. The product portfolio's adaptation aligns with customer needs for ecologically conscious solutions.

These hydraulic line tubes, the inaugural delivery of the CliMore brand, serve essential roles in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, particularly in large agricultural and construction machinery. Beyond their contribution to carbon neutrality, these tubes boast impeccable processing capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and meeting stringent pressure requirements.

The introduction of CliMore, a new brand encompassing CO₂-reduced steel products, delineates the path toward greater sustainability. Thomas Begemann, Director of Strategy at BENTELER Steel/Tube, unveiled the brand, categorizing products into Advantage, Ambition, and Excellence levels based on their production methods and energy sources. The tiers showcase the substantial emission reductions achieved through innovative steel production, particularly in recycling, using green electricity, and the potential use of green hydrogen for process energy.

These CliMore family products, available directly from BENTELER Steel/Tube and their trading partners, promise eco-friendly solutions without compromising performance or reliability.


BENTELER's delivery of CliMore hydraulic line tubes marks a pivotal step in the steel industry's sustainable evolution. The collaboration and introduction of the CliMore brand showcase the company's commitment to environmental responsibility while delivering high-performance steel solutions. This innovative approach heralds a future where sustainability and excellence harmoniously coexist in the steel manufacturing landscape.

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