Bio-Innovation: Outokumpu's Green Steel Endeavor

Outokumpu invests €30 million in a biocoke pelletizing plant in Tornio, Finland, aiming to slash direct emissions by replacing fossil
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Outokumpu invests €30 million in a biocoke pelletizing plant in Tornio, Finland, aiming to slash direct emissions by replacing fossil coke with renewable biocoke made from forest and wood industry residues. This initiative aligns with their strategy to lower emissions by 42% by 2030. The move signifies a pioneering step in leveraging biomass for sustainable stainless steel production.



In a pioneering move towards sustainable stainless steel production, Outokumpu, a global leader in the industry, is set to invest €30 million in a state-of-the-art pelletizing plant for biocoke production at its Tornio site in Finland. This strategic investment aims to revolutionize emission reduction by substituting fossil coke with biocoke, derived from renewable sources like forest and wood industry residues.

The commitment to sustainability underscores Outokumpu's ethos, reflected in its strategy targeting a remarkable 42% reduction in emissions across its value chain by 2030 compared to the 2016 baseline. Timo Huhtala, overseeing the biocoke project, highlights this initiative's pivotal role in driving their sustainability agenda, aiming to curb direct emissions significantly.

Outokumpu's ferrochrome, known for its 67% smaller carbon footprint than the industry average, seeks further emission reductions through the adoption of biocoke. The biocoke, derived from forest and wood industry residues, promises an eco-friendly alternative to fossil coke, aligning with the company's ethos of environmental stewardship.

The imminent investment involves establishing a facility in Tornio with an annual biocoke production capacity of 25,000 metric tons, poised to reduce CO₂ emissions by a staggering 82,000 metric tons annually, equivalent to the emissions of 8,000 Finnish citizens. This biocoke, destined for use in ferrochrome operations, represents cutting-edge technology in the realm of emission reduction strategies.

Outokumpu's roadmap involves further developments in biocarbon production, leveraging external sourcing and partnerships to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality biomass-based raw materials. The initiation of a pilot plant in Tornio reflects Outokumpu's dedication to refining the biocoke production process, paving the way for potential future scalability.

As Outokumpu plans for subsequent investment phases, aiming to enhance biocoke production capacity, their vision for a sustainable future in stainless steel production takes concrete shape. The relentless pursuit of sustainability through innovative bio-based solutions heralds a transformative era in the steel industry's environmental narrative.


Outokumpu's strategic investment in biocoke production underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainable stainless steel manufacturing. This forward-thinking initiative marks a significant leap towards realizing a low-carbon future, showcasing the immense potential of biomass-based alternatives in reshaping the steel industry's ecological footprint.

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