BlueScope's Steel Ascent: Jobs & Infrastructure

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BlueScope Steel has received approval for a new factory in Erskine Park, slated for completion in 2025. This A$320 million investment aims to produce 240,000 new Colorbond steel rooftops annually and generate 80,000 new steel house frames. It's expected to create over 300 new jobs and strengthen the local economy.


Approval for a new BlueScope Steel factory in Erskine Park marks a significant milestone for both the construction industry and the job market. The factory is expected to produce a considerable volume of steel products, specifically aimed at serving the building and construction sectors.

The facility is designed to manufacture 240,000 new Colorbond steel rooftops each year. In addition, it is anticipated to churn out 80,000 new steel house frames. This level of production will substantially bolster the supply of essential construction materials, particularly in an era where housing demands are constantly on the rise.

On the financial front, a private investment of $320 million will be funneled into this ambitious project. The new plant is expected to be operational by 2025 and will be located at the existing BlueScope Western Sydney Service Centre on Templar Road, Erskine Park.

The economic implications are promising, to say the least. Over 300 new job opportunities are expected to emerge, including 43 ongoing positions at the plant itself. An estimated 258 jobs will be available during the construction phase, offering a significant boost to local employment rates.

NSW Premier Chris Minns lauded the project, stating that it aligns well with the kind of innovation that New South Wales wants to see. It will not only enhance domestic manufacturing capabilities but will also play a pivotal role in addressing housing needs.

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully also expressed his support. He emphasized that this major investment signals a vote of confidence in New South Wales, especially in the realm of domestic steelmaking.

BlueScope's Chief Executive Australian Steel Products, Tania Archibald, described the project as a "major moment" for the company. She outlined that the state-of-the-art facility would help meet the growing demand for steel products in various sectors, from housing to renewable energy and transport infrastructure.


The new BlueScope Steel factory in Erskine Park represents a win-win for both the construction industry and the local job market. With a sizable private investment and promising production figures, this project is set to offer a significant economic uplift, creating hundreds of jobs and meeting escalating demands in construction materials.

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