Board Director's Departure at Algoma Steel Group

Andrew Schultz
Andrew SchultzImage Source: Algoma Steel


Andrew Schultz's retirement from the board of Algoma Steel Inc., a key Canadian steel producer, marks a transition in leadership. His departure after steering the company through strategic milestones and advocating for its transformation to green steel signifies a turning point in Algoma's journey.


Algoma Steel Inc., a significant player in the Canadian steel industry, announced the retirement of Andrew Schultz from its board of directors, effective December 31, 2023. Schultz's involvement traces back to Algoma's acquisition of Essar Algoma Steel Inc. assets in 2018 and continued through the merger with Legato Merger Corporation in October 2021, contributing immensely as Chair of several key committees.

Andy Harshaw, Chairman of Algoma’s Board of Directors, expressed gratitude for Schultz's substantial contributions, guiding the company through pivotal moments, governance enhancements, and spearheading initiatives toward green steel production using electric arc technology.

Schultz reflected on his tenure, acknowledging Algoma's transformative journey from a restructuring phase to its resurgence as a public entity. He highlighted the company's strategic shift toward electric arc steelmaking and conveyed confidence in Algoma's future trajectory.

The press release also includes a cautionary note, stating that forward-looking statements about Algoma's transition to green steel and its market position are subject to various risks and uncertainties, urging readers to consider the associated factors mentioned in the company's regulatory filings.

Algoma Steel Group, situated in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, specializes in hot and cold rolled steel, emphasizing its role in automotive, construction, energy, defense, and manufacturing sectors. The company's transformation journey involves modernizing its facilities and embracing environmentally sustainable practices to reduce carbon emissions significantly.


Andrew Schultz's retirement signifies a shift in Algoma Steel's leadership. His departure follows significant milestones, including the company's emergence as a public entity and its strategic move towards green steel production. Algoma's ongoing transformation journey emphasizes sustainability and innovation, positioning the company as a key player in North America's steel industry.

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