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The Global Steel Plant Tracker catalogues over 1,200 steel plants across 88 countries, detailing their production capacities, methods,
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The Global Steel Plant Tracker catalogues over 1,200 steel plants across 88 countries, detailing their production capacities, methods, and environmental records. This database, curated by the Global Energy Monitor, aids policymakers, investors, and industry professionals in understanding the steel market dynamics, fostering a sustainable future.



The Global Steel Plant Tracker, GSPT, stands as an unparalleled resource, encompassing over 1,200 active steel plants globally, each boasting a capacity of 500,000 metric tons or more annually. These plants span 88 countries and are operated by over 900 companies, collectively capable of producing a remarkable 3.1 billion metric tons yearly.

This extensive database includes proposed, retired, or mothballed plants meeting the minimum production threshold since 2017. Notably, steel plants employ various production methods, such as coal-based techniques like blast furnaces or electric arc furnaces charged with scrap metal, pig iron, or direct reduced iron.

Ms. Caitlin Swalec, the Program Director Heavy Industry at Global Energy Monitor, lauds the GSPT's thoroughness, highlighting its detailed insights into individual steel plants' capacities, ownership, production methods, and locations. This information serves as a linchpin for policymakers and industry professionals to navigate the steel market effectively.

The GSPT employs a sophisticated system, comprising a robust database detailing each plant's specifics and wiki pages on dedicated to comprehensive plant information, including environmental records. The team meticulously cross-references public and private data sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability, culminating in a user-friendly interface delivering crucial insights.


The Global Steel Plant Tracker curated by Global Energy Monitor emerges as an indispensable tool, providing a comprehensive overview of the global steel industry. With intricate details on steel plants worldwide, production methods, and environmental records, this resource empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, fostering a more sustainable future for the steel sector.

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