Brazil: ArcelorMittal's Green Steel Ambitions

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ArcelorMittal Pecem in Brazil plans to invest $9 million in a study to build a rolling plant focused on high-quality flat green steel products. The steel will be produced using green hydrogen from a hub at the port of Pecem. This new venture may benefit from new transmission lines, as current lines are overcharged.


Erick Torres, CEO of ArcelorMittal Pecem, made headlines last week when he announced a significant investment during a renewable energy panel in Fortaleza. The steel slab producer has received authorization from its headquarters to invest $9 million in a study to explore the feasibility of constructing a rolling plant.

The focus of this new venture will be on producing high-quality flat green steel products. This innovative approach will use green hydrogen, which will be produced at a hydrogen production hub located at the port of Pecem.

Torres went on to say that the Pecem plant could potentially acquire all the hydrogen produced at this hub, should the rolling project get the green light. This points to a synergistic relationship between the hydrogen hub and the prospective steel plant, aligning their environmental goals.

However, there are challenges ahead. Fernando Elias, the manager of wind energy producer Casa dos Ventos, pointed out that the current transmission lines to the port of Pecem are already overcharged. This situation could pose a problem for the start of operations at the hydrogen hub.

In light of this, Elias suggested that the government should initiate auctions for building new transmission lines. This would help link the green energy plants more effectively to the port, thereby aiding in the successful launch of the hydrogen hub and, consequently, the rolling plant.

The panel served as a gathering point for key players in the renewable energy sector in the state of Ceara, including Fortescue, Casa dos Ventos, Vestas, Aeris, and ArcelorMittal. The discussions set the stage for what could be a revolutionary step forward in green steel production.


ArcelorMittal Pecem's planned investment in a feasibility study for a green steel rolling plant represents a significant step towards sustainable industrial practices. While there are logistical hurdles to overcome, especially concerning energy transmission, the project holds the promise of setting a new standard in the steel industry.

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