Brazil's New Gas Pipeline Demands Steel Surge

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Equinor's Brazilian branch collaborates with Azevedo & Travassos to construct an inland gas pipeline spanning 4.5 kilometers, linking the Cabiunas terminal to Brazil's gas grid. This project necessitates around 2,000 metric tons of heavy steel plate, contributing to the growing demand of 375,000 metric tons for upcoming pipelines in the country, costing an estimated $100 million.


Brazil's energy landscape is undergoing a transformation with Equinor's Brazilian arm partnering with Azevedo & Travassos (A&T) engineering to erect a critical inland gas pipeline. This strategic project, spanning 4.5 kilometers, aims to link the Cabiunas terminal in the Campos oil basin, located off the Rio de Janeiro coast, to the broader national gas grid. The initiative, set to bolster Brazil's gas infrastructure, demands a substantial 2,000 metric tons of heavy steel plate.

This construction adds to the escalating steel plate requisites in Brazil's pipeline sector, with an overarching demand of 375,000 metric tons earmarked for upcoming pipeline ventures across the nation. The anticipated expense for this particular section of the pipeline stands at a noteworthy $100 million.

In Brazil, Equinor's local branch has engaged Azevedo & Travassos (A&T) engineering for the development of an inland gas pipeline. This pipeline, stretching 4.5 kilometers, will connect the Campos oil basin's Cabiunas terminal, situated off Rio de Janeiro's coast, to the national gas grid. To materialize this infrastructure, an approximate 2,000 metric tons of heavy steel plate will be required, augmenting the significant 375,000 metric tons demanded for forthcoming pipeline projects across the country. The projected cost for this specific stretch amounts to $100 million.


The collaborative effort between Equinor's Brazilian division and Azevedo & Travassos engineering signifies a pivotal step in fortifying Brazil's gas distribution network. As the country embarks on constructing a vital inland gas pipeline, the demand for heavy steel plate surges, indicating the sector's reliance on robust materials for infrastructure development.

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