British Court Denies Vale’s Appeal in Dam Collapse Case

Fundao Dam
Fundao DamImage Source: UCE


The British court rejects Brazilian mining giant Vale's appeal to dismiss the case involving the 2015 Fundão dam collapse, refusing jurisdictional challenges. The lawsuit, a significant UK group action against Samarco Mineração, a BHP-Vale joint venture, seeks compensation estimated at £25 billion for damages and remediation costs.


The Fundão dam tragedy of 2015, resulting in the loss of 19 lives and the release of hazardous waste, remains a contentious issue. Recently, a British court dismissed Brazilian mining company Vale's appeal seeking exclusion from the case related to the Fundão dam collapse. Vale contested the jurisdiction of the English court but faced rejection, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal saga.

This legal battle is part of a major collective lawsuit in the UK targeting Samarco Mineração, jointly operated by BHP and Vale. The court's decision notably underlined an estimated compensation and remediation figure amounting to £25 billion, signifying the vast scale of damages incurred due to the dam breach.


The British court's refusal of Vale's appeal signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice regarding the Fundão dam collapse. The legal proceedings continue as the affected parties seek redressal and compensation for the environmental catastrophe.

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