British Steel Expansion Boosts Local Prosperity

Cllr Alec Brown
Cllr Alec BrownImage Source: Cllr Alec Brown


Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Leader, Cllr Alec Brown, celebrates British Steel's decision to expand its operations in the region, heralding the arrival of high-quality jobs. This expansion not only revitalizes the area's rich steelmaking heritage but also signifies faith in the skills and dedication of Redcar and Cleveland's residents, ensuring a promising future for the steel industry.


In a significant development for Redcar and Cleveland, Cllr Alec Brown, Leader of the Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, lauds British Steel's decision to expand its operations in the region. This expansion brings not just employment opportunities but a resurgence of the area's enduring steelmaking legacy.

For generations, the families of Redcar and Cleveland have thrived through their involvement in the steelmaking industry. While the closure of the Redcar blast furnace delivered a profound blow to both the borough and the wider region, British Steel has remained committed to investing in its operations and workforce at Lackenby and Skinningrove.

The expansion at Lackenby is a testament to the faith that British Steel has in Redcar and Cleveland and, more importantly, in the residents who possess the unique skills and unwavering dedication that underpin the continued success of steelmaking in the area.

Cllr Alec Brown emphasizes that one of his central pledges during his election campaign earlier this year was to actively support the arrival of high-quality jobs in the borough. The decision to expand British Steel's operations is a tangible realization of this commitment, and he looks forward to ongoing collaboration with British Steel and the Jingye Group in the years ahead.

The expansion of British Steel not only revitalizes the region's industrial heritage but also affirms the company's trust in the local workforce. This announcement not only heralds economic growth but also symbolizes the resilience and determination of Redcar and Cleveland's residents.


The decision by British Steel to expand its operations in Redcar and Cleveland represents a significant step towards revitalizing the region's steelmaking heritage. Cllr Alec Brown's enthusiasm for the arrival of high-quality jobs highlights the positive impact of this expansion on the local community. This decision is not only a testament to the skills and commitment of the residents but also reflects the enduring success of the steel industry in the area. It marks a promising and prosperous future for Redcar and Cleveland.

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