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Dr. Andrew Smith and Dr. Andy Trowsdale of British Steel, recognized by The Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, received prestigious awards for their groundbreaking contributions in technology and iron/steel industry advancements. Their recognition highlights collective achievements, emphasizing the significance of collaborative innovation within their respective teams.


A momentous occasion unfolded as two esteemed colleagues, Dr. Andrew Smith, Customer and Technology Manager in the Special Profiles division, and Dr. Andy Trowsdale, Head of Research and Development, were honored with prestigious awards by The Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IOM3).

Dr. Smith, stationed at Skinningrove, clinched the inaugural Henry Royce Institute Award for Innovation by a Technical Professional. This distinction acknowledges the pivotal role technical professionals play in advancing technology and unraveling the complexities of the materials realm.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Smith attributed the accolade to the collective efforts of the team at Special Profiles, acknowledging their ingenuity in resolving intricate challenges. He emphasized the collaborative nature of innovation, stating, "This award is a testament to the team's endeavors in crafting solutions to formidable problems."

Meanwhile, Dr. Trowsdale, operating from the Rotherham center, was conferred with the Tom Colclough Medal and Prize, honoring his substantial contributions in comprehending microstructure, mechanical properties, and engineering advancements in the iron and steel industry.

Acknowledging the recognition, Dr. Trowsdale underscored the privilege of accepting the award, recognizing the cumulative efforts and innovations driven by the British Steel team over numerous years.

The IOM3 awards ceremony commends individuals and entities for their extraordinary contributions to the field, shedding light on engineering and scientific excellence alongside industry best practices. Dr. Kate Thornton, IOM3 President, lauded the diverse array of members' achievements, encapsulating the spirit of celebration and recognition.

Both honorees received their well-deserved accolades at a London ceremony before Christmas, enhancing the prominence of collective excellence and collaborative innovation in their respective spheres.


The recognition bestowed upon Dr. Andrew Smith and Dr. Andy Trowsdale by The Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining stands as a testament to their remarkable contributions in technology and the iron/steel industry. Their awards not only honor individual achievements but also spotlight the power of collaborative innovation and excellence within their teams.

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