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British Steel is set to revolutionize its operations with a £1.25-billion plan, staging consultation events to unveil its transformation agenda. Embracing electric arc furnace steelmaking, the proposal aims to reduce CO₂ emissions and achieve net-zero steel. With scheduled consultation events, British Steel invites community engagement while striving for rapid, sustainable, and substantial decarbonization.


British Steel embarks on an ambitious journey with a £1.25-billion plan to modernize operations through consultation events held in Scunthorpe and Teesside. The proposal focuses on adopting electric arc furnaces (EAFs) to replace existing iron and steelmaking processes, aiming to drastically reduce CO₂ emissions. CEO Xijun Cao emphasized the company's intent to create net-zero steel for the UK, inviting community input to shape the future.

Scheduled events in December offer locals an opportunity to engage, understand, and provide feedback on the proposed transformation. The switch to electric arc steelmaking, set for late 2025, is crucial for British Steel's commitment to sustainable steel production.

The company's Low-Carbon Roadmap laid the groundwork for achieving net-zero steel by 2050, but accelerating decarbonization has become imperative due to market conditions. British Steel's proactive stance, seeking rapid transformation, underlines its dedication to a sustainable future.


British Steel's £1.25-billion proposal to adopt electric arc furnaces underscores its commitment to swiftly decarbonize operations. With a focus on community engagement and a proactive approach to sustainability, the company aims to redefine the future of steel production.

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