British Steel's Crucial Transformative Consultation

British Steel
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British Steel initiates consultations for closing blast furnaces at Scunthorpe, proposing electric arc furnaces at Scunthorpe and Teesside. The £1.25bn proposal aims for net zero steel production but faces scrutiny due to potential job losses. CEO Xijun Cao highlights the necessity for a transition toward sustainable steelmaking and invites community feedback.


British Steel has announced a pivotal move, initiating consultations regarding the closure of blast furnaces at Scunthorpe while proposing the establishment of electric arc furnaces at both Scunthorpe and Teesside. Valued at £1.25bn, this proposal aims to enable the production of net zero steel, ensuring sustainable practices for the foreseeable future. However, concerns over potential job losses have sparked attention and opposition from steelworkers' trade union Community.

The proposed shift from blast to electric arc furnaces has raised concerns of an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 potential job losses, primarily affecting the Scunthorpe site, according to previous union warnings. British Steel has initiated preliminary talks with unions and pledged support for affected workers. Additionally, the company has agreed to a review of plans by a union-appointed specialist.

CEO Xijun Cao emphasized the infeasibility of blast furnaces for net zero steel production, stressing the transformative nature of the proposed shift to sustainably produce steel. Public engagement forms a crucial aspect of this transition, with plans open for community scrutiny and feedback.

The company seeks community input to shape future planning applications based on consultation feedback. However, Alasdair McDiarmid from the Community union asserts opposition to compulsory redundancies, urging collaboration to formulate growth and employment-centric plans for Scunthorpe and Teesside.

British Steel's proposal hinges on government support. If approved, the electric arc furnaces could commence operations by late 2025, marking a significant step toward sustainable steel manufacturing.


British Steel's proposed shift from blast to electric arc furnaces, aimed at achieving net zero steel production, has initiated community consultations. While emphasizing sustainability, concerns over potential job losses have surfaced, prompting opposition from trade unions. The company awaits government support and community feedback to proceed with plans expected to operationalize by late 2025.

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