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British Steel has announced a transformative £1.25 billion investment to decarbonize its operations through electric arc furnace technology. This ambitious plan, aiming for completion by late 2025, is set to significantly reduce the company's carbon emissions and marks a major step towards environmentally conscious steel production, pending government support.


British Steel has taken a bold step towards innovation and sustainability with its latest £1.25 billion proposal. This plan is set to mark the largest transformation in the history of the company, with a clear aim: to become a clean, green, and sustainable business. By embracing electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking, British Steel is not only looking to modernize its production but also to significantly cut down its carbon footprint.

The company has conducted a thorough analysis of its current operations and, in light of challenging market conditions, is proposing to fast-track its decarbonization program. This proposal hinges on governmental support and envisions the installation of two EAFs — one at the Scunthorpe headquarters and the other at the Teesside manufacturing site.

If the plans come to fruition, British Steel anticipates the new furnaces could be fully operational by late 2025, effectively replacing the older iron and steelmaking processes currently in use in Scunthorpe which are the primary sources of the company's CO2 emissions. The transition to EAF steelmaking will be a gradual process, with the company maintaining its current operations in the interim.

Discussions have already begun with trade unions concerning the electrification process, and British Steel has committed to supporting employees through this period of change. Additionally, the company has initiated an external specialist review of its proposals at the behest of the unions.

In an effort to mitigate the impact on the local community, British Steel is collaborating with North Lincolnshire Council to develop a masterplan that will attract new business and create jobs, potentially filling the spaces that may become available at the Scunthorpe site.

CEO and President Xijun Cao stated, “Decarbonization is a significant challenge, but it's critical for manufacturing the sustainable steel that the UK requires." Despite having invested extensively in understanding the feasibility of producing net-zero steel with their current blast furnaces, the company found that the current methods are not viable for achieving their goals.

British Steel's Low-Carbon Roadmap, unveiled in 2021, already pledged significant CO2 reductions by 2030 and 2035, with a target of net-zero steel by 2050. Now, with the accelerated decarbonization plan, the company could see a reduction of about 75% in its CO2 intensity.

Xijun emphasizes the urgency of the situation, explaining that market conditions and the need for a drastic reduction in carbon emissions mean that the company must act quickly and decisively. While the company considered a single large EAF in Scunthorpe, logistical challenges led to the decision that two smaller furnaces would be the most effective solution.

The proposal is still in the feasibility study stage, and British Steel is in discussions with various councils and authorities to ensure that, once initiated, the project can progress without delay. Environmental Impact Assessments are expected to be submitted soon as part of the planning process.


British Steel's £1.25 billion proposal to decarbonize its operations represents a pivotal move towards sustainable steel production in the UK. By adopting electric arc furnace technology, the company is set to substantially reduce its environmental impact while maintaining its commitment to producing essential steel for the nation. This forward-thinking initiative promises not only a greener future for British Steel but also for the industry at large, demonstrating a proactive approach to environmental challenges and the global push for sustainability.

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