BSH’s Green Move: Aperam’s Near Zero Carbon Steel

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BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a leading home appliance manufacturer, collaborates with Aperam, selecting their near-zero carbon stainless steel, Aperam infinite™, for dishwasher production. This move aligns with BSH’s sustainability goals, promoting eco-friendly solutions. Aperam's CEO highlights the product’s reduced carbon footprint, emphasizing a collaborative effort in developing low-emission products.


In a strategic sustainability move, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a prominent player in the home appliance industry, has partnered with Aperam, a renowned global stainless steel and recycling company. BSH has opted for Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon premium stainless steel for their dishwasher manufacturing, marking a significant shift toward sustainable practices.

Lars Schubert, COO of BSH Home Appliances Group, underlines their commitment to offer eco-conscious solutions, mentioning their array of energy-efficient appliances. The partnership with Aperam reinforces this objective by integrating Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon stainless steel into their product line.

With Aperam infinite™ boasting a remarkable 47% lower carbon footprint compared to standard grades, BSH aims to enhance its sustainability endeavors. Tim Di Maulo, Aperam’s CEO, expresses enthusiasm about BSH’s decision, emphasizing how low-emission products like Aperam infinite™ enable companies to reduce their carbon footprints and foster a responsible value chain.

Aperam takes pride in BSH's involvement in the Aperam infinite™ project's inception, highlighting their joint effort in developing this unique product line, ensuring a substantial reduction in end users' carbon footprint.

The initiative extends beyond a singular product range; it aligns with Aperam's vision of a comprehensive circular system within the stainless steel value chain. This endeavor aims to incorporate recycled materials, reduce emissions, and progressively close the loop, prioritizing sustainability.

Aperam infinite™, currently featuring grades like 304 for austenitic and various ferritic grades, plans expansion and increased production. In Europe, it integrates up to 98% recycled content and significantly slashes CO₂ emissions by up to 85%, setting a sustainable benchmark in the industry.

By opting for Aperam infinite™, customers can accelerate their CO₂ reduction goals, leverage recycled materials, offer environmentally friendly products to consumers, and partake in a circular model by collaborating with Aperam’s Recycling and Renewables Division.


The collaboration between BSH and Aperam signifies a significant leap towards sustainable manufacturing practices, emphasizing the viability and importance of low-emission materials in the industry's future.

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