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Canada's CITT commences an investigation on anti-dumping and countervailing duties for cold-rolled steel from China, South Korea, and Vietnam. The review aims to assess potential dumping or subsidizing post-measure expiry, impacting current duty rates of 91.9% (China), 53% (South Korea), and 99.2% (Vietnam) for AD, and 11.6%, 11.3%, and 6.5% respectively for CVD.


The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) launched a sunset review investigation on November 14, 2023, focusing on certain cold-rolled steel from China, South Korea, and Vietnam. This initiative comes after an expiry review to determine potential dumping or subsidizing activities affecting these steel products.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has commenced a comprehensive review to ascertain whether the expiration of existing measures could lead to a resurgence or continuation of dumping or subsidizing of the concerned products. The CBSA's findings are expected by April 12, 2024, with a subsequent Statement of Reasons due by April 29, 2024.

Presently, the applicable AD duty rates for China, South Korea, and Vietnam stand at 91.9%, 53%, and 99.2%, respectively. The CVD rates are at 11.6% (China), 11.3% (South Korea), and 6.5% (Vietnam) for the corresponding countries.

The products under scrutiny fall within various HS codes encompassing multiple categories of cold-rolled steel, including specific classifications like 7209.15.00.00, 7209.16.00.40, 7209.16.00.90, and several others delineated in the investigation.


Canada's initiation of the sunset review on cold-rolled steel from China, South Korea, and Vietnam reflects the nation's vigilance to uphold fair trade practices and combat potential dumping or subsidizing of these products. The investigation's outcomes will greatly influence the continuation or modification of existing AD and CVD duty rates, significantly impacting trade dynamics with these countries.

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