Canada: Tribunal Embarks on Review of Corrosion-Resistant Steel

CanadaImage Source: Oreaco


The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has launched an expiry review, pondering the potential resurgence of dumping corrosion-resistant steel sheets from China, Chinese Taipei, India, and Korea. The investigation, initiated on January 15, 2024, seeks to determine if the lapse of a previous finding could lead to a renewed threat to the domestic industry. The Canada Border Services Agency will assess the likelihood of continued or resumed dumping by June 13, 2024, with the Tribunal making a consequential decision on potential industry injury by November 20, 2024.


In the realm of international trade dynamics, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal has unfurled the curtains on an expiry review, delving into the labyrinthine intricacies of corrosion-resistant steel sheet imports. This judicial scrutiny, embarked upon with meticulous precision on January 15, 2024, aims to discern the lurking shadows of potential dumping resurgence from the People's Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, India, and Korea.

The trajectory of this examination hinges on the pivotal question of whether the expiration of a prior finding, made on February 21, 2019, might unfurl a renewed peril to the domestic industry. A nuanced dance of assessments and determinations ensues, with the Canada Border Services Agency slated to unveil its verdict on the likelihood of resumed or continued dumping by June 13, 2024.

Should the compass point towards an affirmative nod, the Tribunal, an independent quasi-judicial stalwart reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Finance, will wield its analytical prowess to decipher if the resumption of dumping is a harbinger of injury to the domestic industry. The denouement of this intricate saga is poised to unfold no later than November 20, 2024, casting a consequential verdict on the fate of the corrosion-resistant steel sheet trade landscape.


In the labyrinth of international trade jurisprudence, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's initiation of an expiry review casts a spotlight on the intricate tapestry of corrosion-resistant steel sheet commerce. As the sands of time trickle towards the juncture of determinations, the scrutiny of potential dumping from China, Chinese Taipei, India, and Korea becomes a pivotal crossroads. The impending verdict, set to be unveiled by November 20, 2024, will echo across the corridors of economic trade, shaping the contours of future interactions within the realm of corrosion-resistant steel.

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