Canadian Steel Verdict: Unveiling Tariff Tides

CBSAImage Source: NKPC


The Canada Border Services Agency initiates an expiry review on antidumping duties for corrosion-resistant steel sheet from China, Taiwan, India, and South Korea. Current duties stand at 53.3% for China, 33.2% for Taiwan, and 40% for India and South Korea. Determination by June 13, 2024, with a Statement of Reasons by June 28, 2024. Products under scrutiny fall within specific Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers.


In a pivotal move, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has set the stage for an expiry review of antidumping duties targeting corrosion-resistant steel sheet imports from China, Taiwan, India, and South Korea. The current duties, a significant economic factor, are set at 53.3% for China, 33.2% for Taiwan, and 40% for both India and South Korea.

The scrutiny encompasses products falling under various Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers, ranging from 7210.30.00.00 to 7226.99.00.19. This comprehensive assessment aims to reevaluate the necessity and impact of the existing antidumping duties on these steel products.

The CBSA's determination, expected no later than June 13, 2024, will be accompanied by a detailed Statement of Reasons by June 28, 2024. This strategic review period holds significance for stakeholders in the steel industry, as it directly influences trade dynamics and tariff structures.

Antidumping duties, a regulatory measure to protect domestic industries from unfairly priced imports, play a pivotal role in shaping the competitive landscape. The CBSA's vigilance reflects its commitment to maintaining fair trade practices and safeguarding the interests of the Canadian steel sector.

As the global steel market navigates through economic complexities, these reviews become instrumental in fostering transparency and ensuring a level playing field. The outcome of this review will reverberate through North American trade corridors, impacting not only the involved countries but also the broader dynamics of steel commerce.


In conclusion, the CBSA's initiation of an expiry review on antidumping duties marks a crucial juncture for the steel industry. The determination, anticipated in mid-2024, holds the promise of reshaping tariff landscapes and influencing trade dynamics. The global steel market watches closely as these deliberations unfold, aware that the verdict will echo across North American trade routes.

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