Captivating Title: Innovative Baosteel Unveils TRUSTEEL Worldwide

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Baosteel orchestrated a global press conference in Xiamen on December 6, introducing the "TRUSTEEL" brand emphasizing green, low-carbon solutions. The event spotlighted Baosteel Color Coating's novel offerings for construction, including eco-friendly products and solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Additionally, the launch featured the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report by Baosteel Color Coating.


Baosteel, at the forefront of innovation, hosted a pivotal global press conference in Xiamen to introduce the "TRUSTEEL" brand, emphasizing green and low-carbon solutions. The event served as a platform for Baosteel Color Coating to unveil its latest advancements aimed at revolutionizing the building envelope sector and catering to the evolving needs of the photovoltaic industry.

During the conference, the spotlight shone brightly on the release of Baosteel Color Coating's "TRUSTEEL" brand. This marked a significant stride towards sustainable construction solutions, introducing new low-carbon products designed to align with environmental concerns and the burgeoning requirements of the photovoltaic realm.

Of noteworthy mention was the unveiling of Baosteel Color Coating's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report. This comprehensive report not only underscored the commitment to eco-friendly practices but also signaled a transparent approach in disclosing the environmental impact of their products.

The "TRUSTEEL" brand launch echoes Baosteel's dedication to not only meet but exceed global sustainability benchmarks. It solidifies their position as pioneers in green and low-carbon solutions, catering to a world increasingly inclined towards environmentally conscious practices.


Baosteel's global press conference unveiling the "TRUSTEEL" brand stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment towards environmental stewardship and innovation. By introducing eco-friendly solutions and a transparent Environmental Product Declaration report, they have signaled their intent to lead the charge towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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