CCI Flags Iron Ore Pricing Woes, Advocates Fair Competition

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The Competition Commission of India conducts a detailed study highlighting concerns in iron ore pricing and exports, urging fair market practices. Addressing varied pricing issues and discouraging iron ore exports, CCI emphasizes fostering high-value domestic steel production to regulate prices.


In a concerted effort to ensure fair market practices, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) embarked on a comprehensive study focusing on India's mining sector, specifically iron ore, and its interlinked industries, particularly steel. The study delved into the intricacies of iron ore pricing, export dynamics, and the overall competitiveness within the sector.

Identifying differential pricing as a significant concern, the CCI study posited that this practice might engender competition issues. Additionally, the study highlighted the imperative of discouraging iron ore exports while advocating the promotion of high-value-added activities, particularly domestic steel production, to regulate prices effectively.

One crucial observation from the study highlighted the allocation of captive mines, creating entry barriers within the iron ore and steel sectors. The study emphasized the challenges faced by new entrants due to the high cost associated with entering and operating in these sectors.

Acknowledging the amendments in mining laws permitting captive mines to sell surplus iron ore in the open market, the study anticipated a potential upsurge in iron ore supply. However, it underscored the need for vigilant monitoring to ensure fair pricing, especially when captive mines sell surplus input to other entities.

The study recommended measures to enhance iron ore accessibility, proposing frequent auctions aligned with the business needs of involved firms. Furthermore, it stressed the imperative of phasing out 'dirty' technologies gradually and adopting sustainable mining practices, necessitating a clear regulatory framework.

CCI's advocacy for a conducive regulatory environment aims to incentivize the adoption of cleaner technology and alleviate compliance costs for industry participants. These efforts underscore CCI's commitment to fostering fair competition and sustainable practices across various sectors.


CCI's in-depth study unveils critical concerns surrounding iron ore pricing, export dynamics, and competitiveness in India's mining sector. The recommendations emphasize the need to discourage exports, promote domestic steel production, and implement a clear regulatory framework to foster fair competition and sustainable mining practices.

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