Celsa Spain: Bergé’s Steel Logistics Dominance

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Spanish logistics leader Bergé seals a deal to manage Celsa Group’s logistics at France's Bayonne port, expecting to handle 650,000 metric tons annually. Building on their 2023 agreement for traffic from Celsa's Castellbisbal plant in Tarragona, Bergé now oversees around 1 million metric tons across both sites. Their expertise spans the steel value chain, optimizing handling from consignment to transport, covering various steel products.


Spanish logistics giant Bergé secures a contract to oversee Celsa Group's logistics operations at Bayonne port in France, managing an estimated 650,000 metric tons annually for the steel multinational. This collaboration extends their earlier agreement from summer 2023, which tasked Bergé with handling Celsa's export traffic from the Castellbisbal plant in Tarragona, Spain. The combined volume of cargo handled by Bergé across both locations reaches approximately 1 million metric tons.

Bergé's specialization in the steel industry involves comprehensive management of the value chain. Their services encompass consignment, stevedoring, port management, storage, transport, and value-added logistics. This all-encompassing approach optimizes the handling of diverse steel products like coils, profiles, wire rods, and industrial sheet steel. With control over 5 million metric tons of steel products annually across 26 ports in Spain and one in France, Bergé's logistics expertise has a significant industry footprint.

The agreement emphasizes Bergé's capability to handle Celsa Group's steel logistics efficiently, ensuring a seamless movement of raw materials and finished steel products. Their comprehensive approach to logistics management, spanning multiple ports and steel product types, underlines their prowess in catering to the complexities of the steel industry.


Bergé's strategic alliance with Celsa Group at France's Bayonne port fortifies its position as a key player in steel logistics. Their extensive expertise across the steel value chain, managing diverse steel products across multiple ports, positions them as a crucial partner in efficiently handling Celsa's logistics requirements. This collaboration underscores Bergé's competence in optimizing steel logistics, facilitating the movement of raw materials and finished steel products across various locations.

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