Celsa's Triple Win: Sustainable Steel Centers

CelsaImage Source: Celsa


Spanish steelmaker Celsa clinches the Sustainable N Mark from Aenor for its three new service centers, signifying a significant stride towards sustainability in steel production. The certification highlights Celsa's commitment to eco-friendly practices and reinforces the industry's shift towards responsible choices in reducing carbon footprints.



Aenor, the Spanish certification authority, has bestowed Celsa's trio of new service centers – Illescas in Castilla–La Mancha, Castellbisbal in Barcelona, and Dos Hermanas in Seville – with the prestigious Sustainable N Mark. This recognition underscores Celsa's unwavering dedication to fostering a sustainable future while amplifying the market's appreciation for responsible corporate initiatives.

Xavier de la Hoz, Celsa Steel Services' product director, expressed enthusiasm about the milestone, highlighting the significance of this acknowledgment in advancing sustainable practices. "Our ongoing commitment to sustainability aligns with the market's increasing preference for eco-conscious products, such as our circular steel," remarked de la Hoz. He emphasized how the certification affirms the sustainability of steel products from an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) perspective, reinforcing Celsa's pledge to achieve net-zero emissions.

Aenor's N Mark, an esteemed recognition spanning 53 countries and encompassing over 100,000 products, meticulously evaluates sustainability aspects by scrutinizing 60 industry and construction sector indicators. This accolade reaffirms Celsa's proactive stance in championing environmentally conscious steel production practices.


Celsa's triumphant reception of the Sustainable N Mark across its three newly established service centers illuminates a brighter path for sustainable steel production. The certification not only validates Celsa's commitment to ecological responsibility but also heralds a future where steel consumers increasingly value and advocate for environmentally friendly products.

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