Centravis Fuels the Future: Hydrogen-Powered Automobile Project

CentravisImage Source: Centravis


Centravis Production Ukraine, a key player in seamless stainless steel production, partners with Duncha France for a groundbreaking EU project. Focused on manufacturing hydrogen-powered vehicles, Centravis contributes H2FIT high-precision seamless stainless steel pipes compliant with EU regulations. These pipes will empower the hydrogen supply system in four small trucks, aligning with the Zero Carbon Initiative. As a top-10 global producer, Centravis's innovative role in sustainable automotive solutions underscores its commitment to pioneering environmentally conscious technologies.


In a significant stride towards sustainable transportation, Centravis Production Ukraine, an influential player in seamless stainless steel manufacturing, has embarked on a groundbreaking project in collaboration with French company Duncha France. This EU initiative centers around the production of automobiles powered by hydrogen engines, a leap towards eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Centravis has strategically developed a range of H2FIT high-precision seamless stainless steel pipes specifically tailored for the hydrogen project. These pipes are designed to meet stringent EU regulations under the Zero Carbon Initiative and will be integral components in the innovative hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The project envisions the creation of four small trucks incorporating fuel cell technology, a promising advancement in the realm of sustainable transportation. Centravis's contribution extends beyond mere components; it encompasses the entire system circuit for the automobiles' hydrogen supply system. This includes providing high-pressure 700 bar sections and normal pressure sections of up to 300 bars, ensuring the seamless integration and functionality of the hydrogen delivery mechanism.

Centravis, founded in 2000, has earned its place among the top-10 global producers of seamless stainless tubes and pipes. With over 1,400 employees and principal manufacturing facilities in Nikopol, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in stainless steel production.

The Centravis Ltd. holding company, a consolidation of the Nikopol Plant of Stainless Steel Tubes and the UVIS commercial and manufacturing enterprise, serves as the cornerstone for Centravis's strategic initiatives. The company's shareholders, members of the Atanasov family, collectively drive the vision and mission of Centravis Ltd., which wholly owns Centravis Production Ukraine.

This collaboration signifies Centravis's proactive role in shaping the future of sustainable mobility. By contributing to the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles, Centravis aligns itself with the global shift towards environmentally conscious technologies. The use of H2FIT high-precision seamless stainless steel pipes underscores Centravis's dedication to precision, quality, and eco-friendly solutions in the automotive sector.


Centravis's involvement in the hydrogen-powered automobile project is emblematic of its commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions. As the world shifts towards environmentally conscious technologies, Centravis stands at the forefront, contributing high-precision seamless stainless steel pipes that play a crucial role in the hydrogen supply system of innovative vehicles. This collaboration not only marks a significant advancement in the automotive sector but also underscores Centravis's dedication to shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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