Changzhou Dongfang's KOCKS RSB® Advancement

Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel
Changzhou Dongfang Special SteelImage Source: KOCKS


Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel chooses KOCKS RSB® technology, enhancing their bar mill line in China for higher precision and production flexibility.


In a significant advancement, Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel Co. Ltd. has inked a deal with Friedrich KOCKS GmbH & Co. KG for the installation of a RSB® 370++/4 in 5.0 design, elevating their bar mill capabilities in Changzhou, China.

Specializing in a diverse array of long products, Changzhou Dongfang annually produces 3 million metric tons encompassing alloyed carbon steels, spring steels, ball bearing steels, and more, primarily focusing on high-quality SBQ products. Operating three mill lines in Changzhou, this move signifies a strategic push towards enhanced production efficiency.

The implementation of KOCKS's proven 3-roll technology holds the key to bolstering productivity within their new 800,000 t/a SBQ rolling mill, outfitted with 21 stands arranged horizontally and vertically. Specifically tailored for Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel, the RSB® 370++/4 ensures precise straight bars ranging from Ø 20.00 to 80.00 mm with stringent dimensional tolerances post-production.

Beyond the RSB® 5.0 installment, the comprehensive supply package includes remote control mechanisms for stand and guide adjustments, roll shop equipment, and cutting-edge BAMICON Octopus hardware and software. Scheduled for completion by late 2024, this revamped bar mill line promises enhanced operational efficiency and cutting-edge design implementation.

Changzhou Dongfang's strategic partnership with KOCKS signifies their commitment to technological innovation and production excellence. The incorporation of RSB® technology aligns with their aim to revolutionize bar production, ensuring top-notch precision and operational adaptability.


Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel's adoption of KOCKS RSB® technology represents a pivotal step towards elevating their bar mill line capabilities. This strategic collaboration underscores their commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation in the production of superior quality SBQ products.

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