China Baowu Acquires Shandong Steel: @140 Million Metric Tons

Shandong Steel
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China Baowu Steel Group finalized an investment deal with Shandong province to acquire a 49% stake in Shandong Iron and Steel. Additionally, Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. will hold 48.61% in SD Steel Rizhao Co. This acquisition aims to strengthen China's steel sector by merging capabilities, with China Baowu boasting 130 million metric tons in output and Shandong Iron and Steel holding a capacity exceeding 20 million metric tons.


In a pivotal development for China's steel industry, China Baowu Steel Group Corporation inked definitive investment pacts with the Shandong provincial government, culminating in the acquisition of a substantial 49% stake in the state-owned Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

The agreements delineate that China Baowu, a prominent steel manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, will secure a formidable 49% ownership in Shandong Iron and Steel. Concurrently, Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a pivotal entity within China Baowu, will clinch a significant 48.61% stake in SD Steel Rizhao Co., Ltd.

China Baowu, with an impressive steel output surmounting 130 million metric tons in 2022, positions itself as a stalwart within the industry. Conversely, Shandong Iron and Steel boasts a commendable production capacity exceeding 20 million metric tons. This strategic acquisition stands as a milestone in the trajectory of China's steel sector, aligning with aspirations for enhanced quality and consolidation.

The consolidation of these steel entities signifies a concerted effort to fortify China's domestic steel industry, amalgamating their prowess and resources. This move is anticipated to propel the steel sector towards achieving a paradigm of high-quality development, fostering technological advancements and operational synergies.

This acquisition underscores a strategic alignment to boost China's steel manufacturing landscape, leveraging the combined capabilities of two major players. The melding of resources is poised to optimize production efficiencies, promote innovation, and contribute significantly to the national steel industry's evolution.


China Baowu's acquisition of a substantial stake in Shandong Iron and Steel marks a pivotal step in bolstering China's steel sector. The merger aims to harness collective strengths, with China Baowu's extensive output combined with Shandong Iron and Steel's significant capacity, enhancing the industry's overall quality and consolidation.

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