China: Primetals' Expansive Metallurgical Service Hub

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Primetals Technologies expands its service hub in China, amplifying maintenance and support for steel production processes like casters, EAFs, and rolling mills. This extension enhances Primetals' local capabilities, offering a broad array of services, from equipment manufacturing to long-term maintenance, culminating in augmented plant performance and elevated customer satisfaction.


Primetals Technologies, a key player in the steel industry, intensifies its service provisions in China by expanding its Changxing facility. This strategic extension, now in its Phase 2, aims to bolster the Metallurgical Services division's effectiveness, catering to an array of customer needs spanning steelmaking, casting, rolling, and processing.

The recent inauguration ceremony on November 29 marked the inauguration of Phase 2 facilities at the Changxing workshop, attended by representatives from the local government, customers, and Primetals Technologies' global executive management team.

Tomislav Koledic, CEO of Primetals Technologies China, emphasized the significance of the Phase 2 expansion, enhancing the organization's service capabilities. The extended facilities now encompass equipment manufacturing, repairs, and ongoing maintenance across the steel production spectrum.

Karl Purkarthofer, Global Head of Metallurgical Services at Primetals Technologies, highlighted the unique position of the company as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This status allows Primetals to not only optimize maintenance but also elevate overall plant performance, aligning with their ethos of providing 'Next level services now.'

The expanded workshop, spanning close to 13,000 square meters, now integrates advanced services for long rolling, flat rolling mills, continuous casters, EAF Quantum, and Arvedi ESP lines. Furthermore, it acts as a hub for sophisticated condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services, facilitating an augmented service approach.

Primetals Technologies' goal is to extend its Metallurgical Services reach across China, focusing on enhancing service excellence for upstream technologies, exemplifying their commitment to quality and growth.

With a widened scope of services, the Changxing workshop caters to the maintenance and manufacturing needs of various equipment, notably for EAF Quantum plants, ensuring efficient processes crucial to electric steelmaking.

Refurbishment and manufacturing for long rolling and flat rolling mills, alongside maintenance for Arvedi ESP lines, accentuate the facility's comprehensive service repertoire, aiming for enhanced operational efficiency and prolonged equipment lifespan.

The Changxing workshop embodies a commitment to efficiency, employing lean operations, smart manufacturing concepts, and eco-friendly measures with the installation of photovoltaic cells providing 60% of the facility's power needs.


Primetals Technologies' expanded service workshop in Changxing signifies a commitment to bolstering their support for the steel industry in China. The augmentation of services, embracing advanced technologies and sustainable practices, underlines their dedication to providing top-notch maintenance and manufacturing solutions for enhanced steel production efficiency.

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