China’s Steel Outlook and Caution"

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China’s steel sector anticipates a significant surge in finished steel exports, likely surpassing 90 million metric tons in 2023, nearing the 2014-16 record. Conversely, finished steel imports are projected around 7.6 million metric tons. However, amid this growth, warnings arise as multiple countries have initiated trade remedy investigations, imposing tariffs on Chinese steel, indicating potential escalations in global trade disputes.


The China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) forecasts an unprecedented surge in China's finished steel exports, estimating a figure surpassing 90 million metric tons by the end of 2023. This projection signals a trajectory nearing the export volumes recorded during the period of 2014-2016, reflecting a significant expansion in China’s steel market reach.

Simultaneously, CISA alerts Chinese steel manufacturers about the intensifying scrutiny from multiple countries worldwide. Recent actions include five countries launching six trade remedy investigations specifically targeting Chinese steel products. Notably, Mexico's termination of 2023 unveiled an imposing 80 percent import tariff on steel products from China. Similarly, in December 2023, the European Commission finalized the imposition of definitive antidumping duties on heavy steel plate imports from China. Brazil is actively assessing the implications of amplified steel imports from China.

Amid these developments, the CISA emphasizes the need for heightened vigilance among steel enterprises regarding potential trade frictions looming in the global market. The escalation of trade measures against Chinese steel products indicates an increasingly stringent trade environment, prompting caution and strategic planning within the industry.


The China Iron and Steel Association’s projections for China's steel sector indicate a surge in exports, nearing record highs, while imports maintain a moderate trajectory in 2023. However, amid this growth, global concerns arise as various countries impose tariffs and initiate investigations into Chinese steel. This signals potential escalating trade tensions, urging Chinese steelmakers to remain vigilant in navigating evolving trade landscapes.

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