China's Surging Coking Coal Imports: A 2023 Overview

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In 2023, China witnessed a remarkable surge in coking coal imports, with coking coal reaching 100 million metric tons, marking a 60.6% YoY increase. Anthracite coal imports also soared, totaling 18.302 million metric tons, up by 65.5% YoY. December alone saw substantial spikes, with coking coal imports reaching 11.464 million metric tons, a 77.3% YoY surge, and anthracite coal imports at 1.577 million metric tons, up by 52% YoY. The data underscores China's robust demand for coal resources despite global shifts towards cleaner energy alternatives.


China, a global economic powerhouse, has witnessed a significant upswing in coal imports during 2023, reflecting the nation's persistent reliance on these resources. The latest data from Chinese customs authorities reveals notable increases in both coking coal and anthracite coal imports.

In a striking surge, China's coking coal imports for the year 2023 reached an impressive 100 million metric tons, marking a substantial 60.6% increase compared to the previous year. This surge underscores China's ongoing demand for coking coal, a crucial component in steel production.

Simultaneously, China's anthracite coal imports witnessed remarkable growth in 2023, totaling 18.302 million metric tons. This represents a significant 65.5% year-on-year increase, highlighting the nation's sustained appetite for diverse coal resources.

The month of December 2023 showcased remarkable peaks in coal imports. Coking coal imports for December alone soared to 11.464 million metric tons, registering an impressive 77.3% year-on-year increase and a 15.5% month-on-month rise. Similarly, anthracite coal imports in December reached 1.577 million metric tons, marking a substantial 52% year-on-year surge, albeit experiencing a 5.6% month-on-month dip.

Despite global trends favoring cleaner energy alternatives, China's steadfast demand for coal resources remains evident. The significant uptick in both coking and anthracite coal imports underscores the nation's reliance on these materials for various industrial processes, particularly steel production.


China's 2023 coal import data unveils a robust demand for coking and anthracite coal, signaling the nation's continued reliance on these resources for critical industries such as steel production. The substantial year-on-year increases, particularly in December, underscore China's unique position in maintaining coal as a key component of its energy and manufacturing landscape.

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