ChTPZ Group Increases Speed of Shipment of Products to Customers

ChTPZ Group has implemented a project to increase the speed of shipment of products to customers. At Pervouralsk Novotrubny Plant, an automatic system
ChTPZ Group Increases
ChTPZ Group Increases

for controlling the flow of vehicles with an option for an electronic queue for loading has been introduced, which automates the movement of freight transport on the territory of the enterprise and increases the speed of shipment of products to customers. Within the framework of the project, the specialists of the ChTPZ Group have developed a program that automatically determines the number of vacant seats in front of the loading workshop and, depending on their availability, notifies the driver using SMS messages about moving to the workshop or to a temporary parking lot. When creating an electronic queue system, we took into account the number of parking spaces in front of each workshop, organized an additional temporary parking lot for vehicles and placed special signs.

By automating and optimizing the logistics process, the waiting time for loading is significantly reduced, and the inappropriate movement of drivers and vehicles across the territory of the enterprise is eliminated.

The updated system of internal logistics and an electronic loading queue is convenient for drivers and allows customers to receive the products of the ChTPZ Group faster.

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