Clean Steel Partnership Launched in Europe
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Clean Steel Partnership Launched in Europe

The Clean Steel Partnership has been formally launched and the Memorandum of Understanding will be e-signed by representatives of the European

The Clean Steel Partnership has been formally launched and the Memorandum of Understanding will be e-signed by representatives of the European Commission and EUROFER’s research oriented sister organisation European Steel Technology Platform in the coming weeks. The Clean Steel Partnership is a mechanism to pilot and demonstrate breakthrough technologies up to Technology Readiness Level 8 that can reduce CO2 emissions stemming from EU steel. Aligned with the European Green Deal targets, the partnership supports EU leadership in transforming the steel industry into a carbon-neutral one, serving as a catalyser for other strategic sectors. By 2027 it will implement at least two demonstration projects that could cut CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 1990 levels and achieve technology readiness level 8 by 2030 in at least twelve areas funded by the partnership. The final ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80-95% by 2050, ultimately achieving carbon neutrality.

Clean Steel Partnership is unique due its two financing pillars: Horizon Europe and the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, which until now has been largely used for incremental research funding. The partnership will develop the necessary technologies at High Technology Readiness Level, with an EU contribution of EUR 700 million and a private commitment of up to EUR 1 billion.

The success of the partnership could support European steel industry’s role as an important engine of sustainable growth, added value and high-quality employment in the EU, supporting its competitiveness and that of its downstream sectors, such as automotive, construction and energy generation.

EUROFER Director General Mr Axel Eggert said "This is a great day for Europe and for the European steel industry. The Clean Steel Partnership will help Europe on its way to climate neutrality. It will help the European steel industry as a key strategic industry for Europe to reach its ambitious climate objectives: reducing carbon emissions from steelmaking by 30% already in 2030 and moving our sector towards carbon neutrality by 2050. The partnership is an important piece in the EU’s and our industry’s overall climate strategy. To make it a success, markets for low-carbon steel will have to be established as soon as possible and still during this decade. Low-carbon products will have to compete with more carbon intensive products on the internal and on global markets. It is therefore essential that the legislative framework within the Fit-for 55 package that is expected to be adopted by the European Commission on 14 July effectively addresses the risk of carbon leakage and secures a smooth transition allowing companies to invest, scale up and roll-out the innovative, low-carbon technologies. The Clean Steel partnership is looking forward to contributing to master the challenge of decarbonisation.

European Steel Technology Platform founding members are EUROFER, ArcelorMittal Maizières Research, Dillinger, Outokumpu, Tenova, Rina Consulting CSM, Swerea, Tata Steel Nederland Technology, Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, voestalpine Stahl, VDEh BFI, Jernkontoret and Salzgitter.

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