Cliffs' 2023 Triumph: Steel Soars, Debt Dwindles

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Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. reveals its 2023 financial prowess, boasting $22.0 billion in revenues, a record-breaking 16.4 million net tons of steel shipments, and a substantial reduction in net debt to $2.9 billion. Despite challenges, including a UAW labor strike, Cliffs' strategic decisions under CEO Lourenco Goncalves propelled robust free cash flow, aggressive debt reduction, and notable unit cost reductions, setting a firm foundation for 2024.


Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. emerges triumphant in its 2023 financial report, showcasing a resilient performance despite industry challenges. The year witnessed a remarkable $22.0 billion in revenues, with a historic 16.4 million net tons of steel shipments, including a noteworthy surge in automotive shipments.

The financial highlights of 2023 underscore Cleveland-Cliffs' resilience. Robust revenues, coupled with a record-breaking 16.4 million net tons of steel shipments, solidify Cliffs' position as a formidable player in the steel industry. Automotive shipments, a crucial market for the company, remained strong, even amid a UAW labor strike in late Q3 and Q4.

Notably, cash flow from operations reached $2.3 billion, contributing to free cash flow of $1.6 billion. The year-end net debt of $2.9 billion, a reduction from the publicly stated target of $3.0 billion, reflects the company's strategic focus on debt reduction.

Despite the overall success, 2023 presented challenges. A goodwill impairment charge of $125 million related to the Tooling & Stamping business impacted GAAP net income, but adjusted figures demonstrated a more favorable outcome.

Adjusted EBITDA for the full year was $1.9 billion, influenced by lower steel index pricing in 2023. However, higher sales volumes and lower operating costs partially offset the reduction.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, consolidated revenues reached $5.1 billion, and Adjusted EBITDA was $279 million, a notable improvement from the same period in 2022. The quarter witnessed a net debt reduction of approximately $500 million.

In the eloquent words of Lourenco Goncalves, the esteemed Chairman, President, and CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, the tale of 2023 unfolds as a saga of triumph and achievement across commercial, operational, financial, and human resource domains. Within the dynamic landscape of the steel industry, the company navigated challenges with finesse, witnessing robust steel demand, particularly in the vital automotive sector, despite the UAW labor strike in late Q3 and Q4. As the narrative unfolds, Goncalves paints a vivid picture of success, emphasizing the resilience that characterized Cleveland-Cliffs throughout the year.

Goncalves proudly highlights a milestone – the record-breaking total steel shipments of 16.4 million tons in 2023, marking a pinnacle since the company's foray into the steel sector in 2020. The achievement of four consecutive quarters with steel shipments exceeding 4 million tons stands as a testament to Cleveland-Cliffs' steadfast growth.

Amidst the reflections on past achievements, Goncalves steers attention towards the future, projecting a landscape where Cleveland-Cliffs' trajectory continues to ascend. A commitment to a fair scrap marketplace, untainted by artificial disruptions, sets the stage for stable pricing dynamics. The anticipation of growing scrap demand and shrinking supply lays the foundation for Goncalves' declaration that there is no valid reason for scrap prices to decline. Similarly, the expectation that HRC (Hot Rolled Coil) prices will not dip below $1,000 per net ton further underscores the company's optimism.


Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.'s robust performance in 2023 reflects not only financial success but strategic resilience. Overcoming challenges, the company under the leadership of Lourenco Goncalves achieved record steel shipments, substantial debt reduction, and cost efficiency. As Cliffs navigates the ever-evolving steel industry landscape, its focus on debt reduction, share buybacks, and a positive 2024 outlook positions it as a stalwart in the American steel industry.

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