CMC Inaugurates Innovative Arizona Micro Mill

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Commercial Metals Company celebrated the opening of its new eco-friendly micro mill in Mesa, Arizona, which will produce steel using recycled content and electric arc furnace technology, creating nearly 200 jobs.


Commercial Metals Company (CMC), headquartered in Irving, Texas, recently welcomed state and local dignitaries to the grand opening of its latest micro mill in Mesa, Arizona. The ceremony, held in late October, marked the dedication of the new facility, known as Steel Arizona 2, which utilizes recycled-content electric arc furnace (EAF) technology for steel production.

Steel Arizona 2 sits alongside another EAF facility CMC established in 2009, and it represents the company's third micro mill, joining the ranks with another in Mesa and one in Durant, Oklahoma. CMC's latest addition is a pioneer in the steel industry, being the first in the world to produce both rebar and merchant bar quality (MBQ) products within a continuous process that encompasses melting, casting, and rolling activities.

CMC has emphasized that the Steel Arizona 2 mill is one of the most environmentally friendly steelmaking operations globally. This claim is supported by the mill's sustainable manufacturing processes, which align with a growing demand for green production methods.

The additional MBQ capacity in the western United States positions CMC as a coast-to-coast MBQ manufacturer, expanding its reach and impact across the country. Peter Matt, president and CEO of CMC, expressed pride in the company's latest achievement. He stressed CMC's commitment to delivering sustainably produced steel products coupled with exceptional service to both new and existing customers.

The project is a significant industrial endeavor, made possible by the collaborative efforts of the CMC team and various partners who contributed to the mill's construction and commissioning. State and local officials have also played a pivotal role in supporting the project's development.

The new micro mill has created approximately 185 jobs and boasts an estimated nominal annual capacity of 500,000 tons, including 150,000 tons dedicated to merchant product. This expansion is celebrated as a new chapter for CMC in Arizona, with the Arizona Commerce Authority lauding the company for bolstering its presence in the state and contributing to job creation.


The opening of CMC's new Steel Arizona 2 micro mill marks a significant advancement in sustainable steel production. With the creation of nearly 200 new jobs and a focus on environmentally friendly practices, CMC's expansion is a boon for both the industry and the Mesa community. This facility stands as a testament to the company's innovation and commitment to sustainable growth.

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