Coking Coalition: India Unveils Global Sourcing Symphony

Coking Coal
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The Indian government contemplates forming a consortium of state-run entities to streamline the procurement and import of coking coal for domestic steel mills. With an inter-ministerial committee exploring the logistics, this approach aims to enhance efficiency in global scouting, negotiation, and supply of coking coal. Currently, India imports approximately 70 million metric tons annually to meet 80% of its domestic demand.


In a strategic move, the Indian government is contemplating the formation of a consortium comprising state-run companies, dedicated to the procurement and import of coking coal. Government sources revealed that an inter-ministerial committee is actively exploring the intricacies of this proposal. The ministries of mines and steel are expected to collaborate, identifying government companies to participate in this consortium.

The envisioned consortium aims to revolutionize the process of global coking coal sourcing for India's steel mills. By consolidating efforts in scouting, engaging with suppliers, negotiating prices, and facilitating imports, the government anticipates a more efficient and streamlined approach to meet the substantial demand for coking coal within the country.

Presently, India relies on importing an average of 70 million metric tons of coking coal annually, catering to around 80% of its domestic demand. The proposed consortium seeks to enhance the nation's self-sufficiency in this critical raw material, addressing the challenges posed by the existing import dynamics.

Collaborative efforts between state-run entities are expected to bring synergy to the coking coal procurement process, ensuring a more coordinated and strategic approach. The inter-ministerial committee is crucial in determining the participating government companies, setting the stage for a transformative shift in India's steel supply chain.

As India aims to fortify its position in the global steel landscape, the consortium model presents an innovative solution to optimize coking coal imports. The government envisions improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and increased control over the raw material supply chain, aligning with the nation's ambitious goals in the steel sector.


The Indian government's exploration of a consortium for coking coal procurement signifies a strategic move toward bolstering the nation's steel industry. With a focus on efficiency and self-sufficiency, the consortium aims to streamline the global sourcing process. India's substantial demand for coking coal will benefit from a more organized approach, potentially reshaping the dynamics of steel production within the country.

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