Congresswoman Terri Sewell Honored as 2024 Steel Champion

Terri Sewell
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The American Iron and Steel Institute awarded Rep. Terri Sewell with the "2024 Congressional Steel Champion Award" for her advocacy and introduction of the "Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 Act." Recognizing her unwavering support for the American steel industry, the award highlights Rep. Sewell's leadership and commitment to combating unfair trade practices. The ceremony, held in her Capitol Hill office, applauds her tireless efforts on behalf of Alabama and the entire nation.



In a ceremony held today in her Capitol Hill office, Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL), a prominent member of the Congressional Steel Caucus, was honored with the prestigious "2024 Congressional Steel Champion Award" by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). The accolade was bestowed in acknowledgment of Rep. Sewell's outstanding contribution through the introduction of the "Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 Act."

The award presentation, led by Kevin Dempsey, President, and CEO of AISI, celebrated Rep. Sewell's enduring dedication to supporting the American steel industry, both in her home state of Alabama and nationwide. Known for her dynamic leadership and vocal advocacy, Rep. Sewell has consistently championed the cause of the steel sector and its workforce.

Dempsey expressed gratitude for Congresswoman Sewell's exceptional leadership, emphasizing her relentless commitment to combatting unfair foreign trade practices and ensuring a level playing field for the American steel industry. Her efforts, spanning Alabama and the entire nation, have made a significant impact on addressing challenges faced by the steel sector.

The "Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 Act," introduced by Rep. Sewell, underscores her proactive stance in advocating for fair trade policies. The act aims to address disparities and create equitable conditions for the American steel industry to thrive.

In accepting the award, Rep. Sewell expressed her gratitude and reiterated her commitment to supporting and uplifting the American steel industry. She highlighted the importance of fair trade practices and policies that safeguard the interests of steelworkers and contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

The AISI award ceremony serves as a testament to Rep. Sewell's longstanding efforts and leadership in promoting the welfare of the American steel industry. As a representative for Alabama, she continues to play a crucial role in shaping policies that impact the steel sector, ensuring its resilience and competitiveness on the global stage.


Congresswoman Terri Sewell's recognition as the "2024 Congressional Steel Champion" reaffirms her pivotal role in advocating for the American steel industry. Her introduction of the "Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 Act" reflects a commitment to fair trade practices and the well-being of steelworkers. As she continues to champion the cause, her efforts contribute significantly to the industry's prosperity, benefitting Alabama and the nation at large.

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