Cottage Wood Shingle: Klauer's Steel Elegance

Cottage Wood
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Klauer Manufacturing introduces the Cottage Wood shingle, a groundbreaking product in the construction realm. Crafted from heavy-gauge steel with advanced finishes, it guarantees enduring beauty and superior performance. With a range of vibrant colors and eco-friendly construction, the shingle offers both aesthetic appeal and sustainability. Klauer's commitment to quality and innovation shines through, providing a worry-free solution for homeowners.


In a stride of innovation, Klauer Manufacturing Company announces the launch of its latest creation, the Cottage Wood shingle. Renowned for its prowess in the steel siding industry, Klauer introduces a revolutionary product designed to elevate the aesthetic and functional aspects of building construction.

The Cottage Wood shingle stands out as a testament to Klauer's commitment to excellence. Crafted from heavy-gauge steel and adorned with durable, state-of-the-art finishes and coatings, this shingle redefines expectations in the construction field. The use of A653 galvanized Kynar 500 finish ensures long-lasting beauty and surpasses competing materials in terms of protection and savings.

Michael Igo, Vice President of Klauer Manufacturing, emphasizes the company's dedication to incorporating the best materials and technology into their products, particularly the shingles. The Cottage Wood shingle not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of properties but also provides exceptional protection against the elements. It offers the classic look of a wood shingle without the associated maintenance, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

Available in a stunning palette of 10 colors, including Snow White Sandalwood, Moccasin, Winter Sage, and more, the Cottage Wood shingle ensures vibrant and fade-resistant beauty for decades. Each color comes with a fade and chalk resistance warranty, reinforcing its durability and longevity.

Beyond its visual and functional benefits, the Cottage Wood shingle aligns with eco-friendly practices. Constructed from recycled materials, it reduces the environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for customers prioritizing green building projects.

Klauer's Cottage Wood shingle provides homeowners with an easy and worry-free investment. Its combination of elegance, durability, and environmental consciousness positions it as a top choice for those seeking a reliable and visually appealing roofing solution.


The Cottage Wood shingle from Klauer Manufacturing is not just a roofing solution; it's a symbol of elegance and innovation. With a focus on durability, vibrant aesthetics, and eco-friendliness, Klauer continues to set industry standards. Homeowners can now invest in both the beauty and longevity of their properties with the worry-free Cottage Wood shingle.

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