Crisis Chronicles: Czech Conundrum for Liberty Steel

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The Czech government issues a stern warning to Liberty Steel, threatening legal action over the plight of Liberty Ostrava steelmill, reports BNE INTELLINEWS. The mill, seeking protection from creditors, has left 6,000 employees idle since December. Energy supplier Tameh Czech's insolvency exacerbates the situation, prompting the government's intervention. Minister Jozef Sikela emphasizes the need for Liberty Steel's responsibility in resolving the crisis and hints at legal repercussions for neglecting duties. This adds to Liberty Steel owner Sanjeev Gupta's challenges amid the fallout from Greensill Capital's collapse in 2021.


In a tumultuous episode for Liberty Steel, the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Sikela, has delivered a robust message to the UK-based steelmaker, Liberty Steel. The focal point of concern is Liberty Ostrava steelmill, which sought refuge in local courts due to financial turmoil in November.

The repercussions of this crisis have been acutely felt, with most of the 6,000 Liberty Ostrava employees compelled to stay home since December. The primary catalyst for this predicament is the insolvency declaration by the energy supplier, Tameh Czech, owing to unpaid bills from Liberty Ostrava.

Sikela's missive underscores the government's keen interest in preserving production and employment at Liberty Ostrava. A significant portion of the mill's liabilities is attributed to the broader Liberty Steel group, intensifying the urgency for financial rectitude. The minister advocates the swift return of funds to Liberty Ostrava, emphasizing the legal responsibilities that come with managing a company during financial difficulties.

The ongoing saga reveals a broader challenge faced by Liberty Steel owner Sanjeev Gupta, who has been grappling with the aftermath of Greensill Capital's collapse in 2021. The economic downturn in Europe and escalating energy prices have cast a shadow over many GFG Alliance operations, including Liberty Steel's ventures in Romania.

Liberty Ostrava, a crucial component of Liberty Steel's portfolio, operates as an integrated steel business with an annual production capacity of around 3.6 million metric tons. It plays a pivotal role in supplying steel to over 40 countries globally.

As of January 29, the labor union reported that most employees were instructed to remain idle until early February. Talks between Liberty Ostrava and Tameh Czech are ongoing, with the hope of reaching a mutually acceptable solution. The success of Liberty Ostrava's restructuring plan hinges on resolving the electricity supply situation with Tameh Czech.

Previously, Liberty Ostrava contested a court order demanding a payment of CZK500 million (€20 million) to Tameh, effectively halting the court proceedings. Liberty Ostrava, shielded by a court moratorium, faces liabilities of approximately CZK1.8 billion towards Tameh.

Despite the complexities and challenges, negotiations persist with strategic partners, including Tameh and its insolvency administrator. However, Tameh asserts that Liberty has not honored its debts or engaged in resolving the situation, hindering progress.

ArcelorMittal's involvement in the legal landscape further complicates matters. The company has been pursuing two of Gupta's entities for €140 million, related to the sale of steel plants in Romania and Czechia to Liberty Steel.

In the face of financial adversity, Liberty Steel's recent acquisition of Hungary's largest steelmill, Dunaferr, and the subsequent restart of operations provide a glimmer of resilience amid the crisis.


The looming threat of legal action from the Czech government adds a new layer of complexity to Liberty Steel's multifaceted challenges. The situation at Liberty Ostrava underscores the delicate balance required in managing complex business structures during economic turbulence. As negotiations continue and stakeholders navigate legal intricacies, the resolution holds the key to the future of Liberty Ostrava and its workforce.

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