Crucial Testimony US ITC: GHG Emissions Insights

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Experts stress the importance of collecting data on all three GHG emission scopes for thorough analysis in the US steel and aluminum industries. Witnesses highlight the necessity of evaluating emissions intensities, urging for detailed scrutiny from extraction to production (Scope 1, 2, and 3) and emphasizing product-specific assessments.


During a US International Trade Commission (ITC) hearing, industry leaders underscored the significance of obtaining emissions data from all scopes—direct, indirect, and supply chain-related—for a comprehensive understanding of greenhouse gas emissions within the US steel and aluminum sectors.

Jeff Hansen, from Steel Dynamics Inc, emphasized the need for Scope 1, 2, and 3 data collection for aluminum and steel products under Section 232, emphasizing the importance of examining emissions from cradle to gate.

Nucor's David Miracle stressed measuring Scope 1, 2, and significant Scope 3 emissions, particularly from iron ore mining. He highlighted the role of mining-related emissions in a steel product's total embodied emissions.

Steel Dynamics Inc recently announced ambitious carbon-intensity goals to expedite decarbonization efforts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The GHG emissions in these industries are categorized into three scopes—direct company emissions (Scope 1), those indirectly linked to energy sources (Scope 2), and those from supply chain partners (Scope 3), presenting challenges in quantification due to third-party emissions.

Domestic steelmakers collaborate with suppliers to reduce emissions from scrap, iron, alloys, and coal, significant GHG sources, aiming to mitigate environmental impact.


The testimony and insights shared at the hearing stress the importance of a comprehensive approach to measuring GHG emissions in the steel and aluminum industries. The call for detailed, product-specific emissions data highlights the complexities of emissions assessments across various steel product types, emphasizing the need for more refined measurement methodologies.

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