Cultural Conservation: Tenaris Preserves Mexico's Heritage

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Tenaris collaborates with the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico to digitally register and preserve over 10,000 archaeological pieces from the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa Museum in Veracruz. This partnership extends beyond preservation, incorporating innovation with 3D representation and augmented reality at the museum. Tenaris's commitment to community initiatives and cultural preservation aligns with its ethos of education, art, and cultural enrichment.


In a commendable initiative, Tenaris, in collaboration with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico, embarks on a mission to safeguard the cultural heritage of Veracruz. This partnership focuses on the digitization and preservation of over 10,000 archaeological pieces from the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa Museum, a significant repository of Mexico's history.

Since the project's initiation in 2015, Tenaris has played a pivotal role in providing essential resources for the photographic registration of these historical artifacts. The collaboration involves the use of computing and photographic equipment, along with software for the 3D digitization of select pieces from the collection.

The project not only contributes to the preservation of these artifacts but also embraces innovation by incorporating 3D representation and augmented reality at the museum. This forward-thinking approach aims to enhance the accessibility of these cultural treasures to a wider audience, both nationally and internationally.

Tenaris's commitment to community programs worldwide, centered on education, art, and culture, resonates strongly in this initiative. Beyond the preservation of historical pieces, the collaboration has resulted in the hiring of specialized technicians, contributing to skill development and expertise in managing the registration and cataloging of these invaluable artifacts.

Furthermore, the project serves as a testament to Tenaris's dedication to the Veracruz community, where the company has a rich history spanning over 70 years. This initiative aligns with Tenaris's broader vision of being a responsible corporate entity that actively contributes to the growth, development, and cultural enrichment of the communities it operates in.

The digitization of these archaeological pieces not only ensures their preservation but also acts as a comprehensive record for the institution. This detailed documentation facilitates easy identification, differentiation from counterfeits, and serves as a valuable resource for researchers and the public alike.

As Tenaris continues to support the INAH in registering more than 1,500 pieces annually, the collaborative effort contributes significantly to the Unique Public Registry System for Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic, and Historical Zones (SURPMZAH). This system enables researchers and the public to access and explore the rich cultural history encapsulated in these artifacts.


Tenaris's collaboration with the INAH stands as a commendable effort to preserve and promote Mexico's cultural heritage. By marrying technological innovation with a commitment to community enrichment, Tenaris sets an example for corporate responsibility, contributing to the accessibility and understanding of the country's rich archaeological treasures.

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