Danieli Automation Triumphs: MIMA Award"

Danieli Automation clinches the “Innovate!” category at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023 (MIMA) for its
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Danieli Automation clinches the “Innovate!” category at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023 (MIMA) for its pioneering Q3-Premium Quality Management solution, recognized for its cutting-edge technologies enhancing steel production efficiency.



Danieli Automation has secured the coveted “Innovate!” category award at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023 (MIMA) for its revolutionary Q3-Premium Quality Management solution. Regarded as the pinnacle honor in the manufacturing industry, the MIMA acknowledges innovative advancements reshaping manufacturing landscapes.

The winning solution, Q3-Premium, developed in collaboration with technological partner BeanTech, stands out for its modular and adaptable suite of software applications. Specifically tailored for steel production, this system emphasizes a robust quality-management framework geared toward optimizing production processes and enhancing final product quality.

Employing cutting-edge industrial IoT, advanced analytics, and AI methodologies, Q3-Premium aims to elevate the conformity rate while significantly curbing overall waste, resource consumption, and CO2 emissions. This technological advancement signals a paradigm shift towards more sustainable and efficient steel manufacturing practices.

The Q3-Premium solution is swiftly making its mark, with ongoing implementations at ABS and Scaw Metals' steelmaking and long-product rolling facilities. Additionally, plans are underway for its deployment at Nucor Steel West Virginia QSP-DUE plant and a cold-mill complex in Italy, demonstrating its versatility across various steel production domains.

Danieli Automation's Q3-Premium emerges as a game-changer in the steel industry, highlighting the potency of advanced technologies in streamlining production processes and enhancing environmental sustainability. Its successful implementations signify a proactive approach towards optimizing steel production methods.

The recognition at MIMA reinforces Danieli Automation's commitment to spearheading innovations in the steel sector. Q3-Premium's potential to enhance production efficiency, reduce waste, and lower environmental impact positions it as a crucial player in driving the industry towards a more sustainable future.


Danieli Automation's triumphant win at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023 for Q3-Premium signifies a monumental leap towards technologically advanced, sustainable steel production. The innovative solution showcases the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, aiming to revolutionize steel manufacturing while prioritizing efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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