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Azienda Metalli Laminati, a key player in Europe and North America for copper foil, relies on Danieli Fröhling’s cutting-edge tech to expand its Quargnento plant in Italy, boosting annual capacity by 10,000 metric tons. The investment targets the growing demand for brazed plate heat exchangers.


Azienda Metalli Laminati, a renowned European and North American supplier of rolled copper foil, has chosen Danieli Fröhling's advanced technology to bolster its Quargnento facility in Alessandria, Italy. This strategic move aims to increase annual production by approximately 10,000 metric tons, catering primarily to the burgeoning market for brazed plate heat exchangers.

Danieli's contribution includes the provision of a cutting-edge four-high reversing mill, engineered to process pure- and low-alloyed copper. It will convert material from a maximum entry thickness of 0.2 mm to a final thickness of 0.025 mm, accommodating strips up to 550 mm wide.

This state-of-the-art rolling mill boasts dynamic roll-gap adjustment, precise thickness control, superior flatness management with workroll bending and multi-zone cooling. Its design emphasizes exceptional strip surface quality.

The manufacturing, assembly, and meticulous pre-testing of the Danieli Fröhling mill will occur at Danieli HQ workshops. Additionally, advisory support during erection and commissioning will complement the comprehensive supply package.

The anticipated start-up for the new copper-foil rolling mill is slated for autumn 2025, aligning with Azienda Metalli Laminati’s growth strategy in the copper market.

This marks the third major order awarded to Danieli for copper mill supply within a five-month span, showcasing their dominance in the global market, with over 120 units supplied to date.


Danieli’s cutting-edge technology infused into Azienda Metalli Laminati’s expansion initiative underscores the strategic importance of innovative machinery in meeting the escalating demands of the copper industry. The investment not only elevates production capacity but also solidifies Danieli’s position as a frontrunner in supplying high-tech solutions to global metallurgical needs.

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