Danieli Revamping Lusosider's Pickling Prowess

Lusosider Aços Planos has chosen Danieli Service to upgrade a key component of its pickling line in Portugal. The project will replace
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Lusosider Aços Planos has chosen Danieli Service to upgrade a key component of its pickling line in Portugal. The project will replace existing machinery with a new design aimed at improving product quality. The upgrade is slated for completion in October 2024.


Lusosider Aços Planos S.A, a subsidiary of the Brazilian CSN Group, has again teamed up with Danieli Service for a significant upgrade. This time, the focus is on enhancing the payoff reel in their Pickling Line No. 2 at Aldeia de Paio Pires in Portugal.

The scope of the project is comprehensive, entailing the replacement of the existing mandrel, along with its main gears and bearings. In its place, Danieli Service will install new, tailor-made equipment. The project also includes on-site advisory services to assist with the equipment's erection and commissioning.

One of the key aspects of this upgrade is the introduction of a new outboard bearing, designed to limit the deflection of the current mandrel when it's under coil load and strip tension. This is expected to have a significant positive impact on the final product, particularly by improving strip centering and, as a result, strip flatness.

The project's timeline is clear, with the installation of the new equipment planned for October 2024. This will allow ample time for both companies to work closely, ensuring the upgrade meets all the specified technical requirements and quality standards.

This isn't the first collaboration between Danieli Service and Lusosider. Over the years, they've developed a strong partnership, which includes previous projects like revamping the cold-rolling mill and supplying technology products for strip processing and rolling lines.

The project serves as another chapter in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies. It not only bolsters the technical capabilities of Lusosider but also fortifies the relationship between them and Danieli Service, laying a strong foundation for future projects.


The decision by Lusosider to once again opt for Danieli Service for its upgrade project is a testament to the strong collaborative relationship they've built over the years. This particular upgrade, focused on improving the quality of the final product in their pickling line, is a strategic move slated for completion in 2024. It's a win-win situation for both parties involved, promising better quality and fostering long-term collaboration.

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