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Danieli Service introduces a specialized chock-changing device for Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS) in Italy. This tailored solution aims to enhance maintenance safety and efficiency at their blooming mill 800, reducing damages to crucial components like rolls and chocks. The innovation facilitates faster roll changes without cranes, ensuring safer and more precise operations while minimizing maintenance costs.


Danieli Service, known for its innovative solutions, has unveiled a customized chock-changing device designed specifically for Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS) at their mill in Cargnacco, Italy. The deployment of this new apparatus within roll shop premises signifies a strategic move towards improved maintenance operations and increased safety measures.

The primary objective of this project was to address ABS's requisites by enhancing maintenance safety and curbing damages to vital components such as rolls, chocks, and bearings. Notably, the innovation eliminates the necessity for cranes during chock-roll changes post roll installation. Moreover, the investment in this device significantly expedites both mounting and dismounting procedures, subsequently reducing overall maintenance expenses.

The comprehensive scope of supply encompassed mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical equipment, inclusive of advisory services for installation and certification training for personnel. This holistic approach ensures a seamless integration of the new device into ABS's operational workflow.

The chock-changing device revolutionizes the process of assembling and disassembling work roll arrangements, rendering it safer, faster, and more precise. Hydraulically-driven movements, controlled by manual levers mounted on a dedicated valve bench, facilitate operational ease and accuracy.

Safety remains paramount, as the apparatus incorporates sliding plates and covers, allowing personnel unrestricted access around the rig for maintenance tasks while ensuring their safety.

Danieli Service's commitment extends beyond this project, offering expertise in enhancing production and optimizing both in-line and off-line maintenance operations. Their global service network, including numerous service centers, underscores their dedication to facilitating industry-specific solutions worldwide.


Danieli Service's innovative chock-changing device represents a pivotal stride in enhancing maintenance safety and operational efficiency at ABS's blooming mill. This bespoke solution not only streamlines roll-changing procedures but also ensures heightened precision and safety, aligning with Danieli's commitment to delivering industry-specific innovations globally.

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